Zoom acquires assets from startup Liminal to enhance its large-scale event tools

Zoom, the company that burst into our consciousness thanks to the pandemic and inspired several competing products, is making lots of progress as it has acquired assets from an event production startup, Liminal.

The popular video-conferencing company is looking to expand its services by offering clients what they need to grow their businesses. This includes providing solutions that support bigger events like trade shows, corporate summits, online classes, etc., held online.

Zoom has now acquired some assets from Liminal that will help it support virtual and hybrid events better from any part of the world. Most of these assets were built on Zoom’s SDKs.

Liminal built apps that let organizations improve the quality of their online meetings. The apps included ZoomISO and ZoomOSC, which makes more options for video inputs possible and better sound quality.

The description of ZoomOSC on Liminal’s website says it uses the Open Sound Control protocol to integrate Zoom with software and hardware from third parties. ZoomISO lets you pipe the feed from individual participant’s cameras to professional production hardware, with an HD option for up to five participants.

As part of the acquisition, two co-founders of Liminal, Andy Carluccio and Jonathan Kokotajlo will join Zoom. However, while Liminal’s products would still be “largely available,” Zoom said it would develop new tools internally that will make Liminal’s offerings obsolete.

In an email to CNET, a spokesperson for Zoom wrote, “Like the future of work, we believe that the future of events will include a combination of virtual and in-person formats. Whether it is a large trade show, corporate summit, internal event or online classes, our customers will need a holistic solution that provides them with what they need to confidently build, host and manage virtual and hybrid events.”

Announcing the purchase, Zoom wrote:

“With virtual and hybrid events here to stay, users will need best-in-class tools to professionally produce their programs and performances online from anywhere in the world. As part of our ongoing efforts to offer these solutions, we are pleased to announce that we recently acquired certain assets from Liminal, a startup company that offers event production solutions built largely on Zoom’s SDK. Two of Liminal’s co-founders, Andy Carluccio and Jonathan Kokotajlo, will also join Zoom. Liminal’s solutions, including their ZoomOSC and ZoomISO apps, will help bridge Zoom with traditional and emerging event control applications and hardware to help theaters, broadcast studios, and other creative organizations address complex technical production needs, and collaborate and create online effectively. 

“Amongst other things, Liminal’s software can connect multiple HD video feeds from Zoom to production-grade hardware and applications. By adding these capabilities and more to our events management and production offerings, we believe we will continue to be the leading comprehensive, one-stop, hybrid events management platform in the market. We will cover the entire value chain from creative production, broadcasting, editing, and fully customizable live event experiences with robust pre-event planning, in-event management, and post-event analytics.”

Even though many people heard of Zoom for the first time during the Covid lockdowns, the company introduced its Zoom Video Webinars that could accommodate up to 50,000 attendees back in 2014. It added a raft of new features in 2021.

The company also launched Zoom Events in July this year, with Zoom demonstrating its capabilities by using it for its Zoomtopia 2021 event that saw more than 33,000 participants globally. It has enhanced features like even lobby, chat, networking, sponsors, surveys, recordings, analytics, and more.

Zoom also offers Zoom Event Services which helps “helps organizations plan, support, and produce the best virtual, live, and hybrid events on Zoom.” The professional team at Zoom has already “helped to put on some of the highest-profile virtual and hybrid events in the world over the past several years.”

Written by HackerVibes

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