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YouTube says picture-in-picture mode coming to iOS in a few days

Google will soon be adding picture-in-picture support in its iOS YouTube app, as its official Twitter account has confirmed. The feature has been available to YouTube Premium subscribers.

YouTube had been testing picture-in-picture mode with Premium users but ended the trial last week. That was expected, though, as the feature was listed as an experimental feature that would expire on April 8th. However, there was a bit of confusion as some features got a message saying, “The feature you’re trying has been turned off,” while others were able to access the feature. Some media houses reported they could still get access with their YouTube Premium profile.

Any video app can implement picture-in-picture on iOS and iPadOS as the feature is available at a system level. However, YouTube’s implementation required awkward workarounds like watching in a browser instead of the app. But Premium users can now use it seamlessly in the app. The feature allows a video to continue playing in a window floating on top of any other app that is currently opened.

YouTube previously announced the test would end in October when it started in June. However, the test was extended.

While the test was limited to Premium users only, YouTube had announced in March that it hoped to make it available to all iOS users in the US in the coming months. The feature is already available on YouTube TV service for iOS users.

Written by HackerVibes

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