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Your guide to maintaining your electric vehicle

Electric vehicles are a joy to drive, and many drivers appreciate the smooth and quiet operation. As a bonus, they require less maintenance to keep going. This saves on costs and time because you visit the repair shop less often.

However, this is not to say you do not maintain your electric car at all. As mechanical items, they need attention to work optimally.

In this article, we will consider the things you need to do to keep your electric vehicle in top shape.

It is only fair to pay serious attention to the battery because it is the most expensive component in an electric car and you do not want to land with a hefty battery replacement bill.

Keep the battery healthy

Batteries degrade or lose capacity with age and use. The ones inside electric vehicles are no different. However, you can take some precautions that will delay or slow down the rate of degradation significantly.

For example, you do not want to under-charge or over-charge your battery because either way, the battery suffers. Avoid letting your car stay with a low battery for extended periods.

In the same way, avoid charging your battery above 80 percent as much as possible. Apart from taking longer to go from 80 to 100 percent, frequently charging full will damage your battery. You can use settings to stop charging around 80 percent.

If you have range anxiety thoughts about not charging 100 percent, remember that you hardly use up your battery on an average day. You can drive for years without charging your battery fully, just like you didn’t have to fill up the tank of your ICE car.

Use AC chargers as much as possible, e.g., residential charging solutions or those offered as destination charging. DC chargers will fill up your battery faster but will leave more damage. You could lose as much as 1 percent battery capacity yearly if you use DC chargers regularly. You can avoid over-dependence on DC fast chargers by remembering to plug in your car overnight and taking advantage of destination charging.

Don’t allow your car to get hot

When your car gets hot, you lose battery as the thermal management system starts working and depletes your battery. When this happens often, your battery is always doing extra work, and this will affect its useful life.

Heat and batteries do not go together because the battery suffers. This is why you should avoid parking under the hot sun because the battery will get hot. However, if you have to park under direct sunlight, keep the car plugged in so that the thermal management system will keep the battery cool without the charge going down.

Your tires

Tires on electric vehicles work more than those on ICE cars. The added work comes from the extra weight as electric automobiles tend to weigh more due to the battery. As a result, your tire threads will wear out faster.

Inspect them regularly to know when they are due for replacement. Also, rotate the tires according to the recommended schedule by the manufacturer.

After your tires, the brakes are crucial because they help you stop the car and not run into obstacles.

Maintain your brakes

It is easy to ignore the brakes of an electric vehicle as they do not get as stressed as the ones on ICEs. If you have heard about regenerative braking, it helps reduce wear on the brakes as the energy produced during braking is recovered and stored in the battery.

However, the brakes still need to be checked because they will eventually wear down even though it takes longer. You still have to top up the brake fluid as well.

A downside of the quietness of electric vehicles is that you hear your tire noise more. If you would rather not hear that on your rides, consider using tires designed to be noiseless.

Get a competent mechanic

As pointed out earlier, your electric car needs less maintenance and repairs, not zero maintenance and repair. The few times why you still need a mechanic.

Choosing a good mechanic could be a little difficult as electric cars are relatively new. However, if your EV came from a dealership, you might get a recommendation through them. If not, you would have to locate one yourself.


While electric vehicles require less attention, you need to take their maintenance seriously to keep them working optimally.

Written by HackerVibes

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