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Xbox Live fixes outage that lasted several hours

Xbox Live is a global service, and when it goes down, it affects millions of users. The Microsoft-owned platform suffered an outage but is now back up.

During the outage that lasted hours, some players were prevented from starting games hosted in the cloud, digital games, and even completing purchases from the Xbox Live store. Users began reporting the issue at about 4 PM ET on Saturday. A fix didn’t materialize until the early hours of Sunday.

Announcing the return of services, Xbox’s official Twitter account posted, “Players should no longer be seeing issues when it comes to purchases, launching games, or joining Cloud Gaming sessions. Thanks for being patient. Happy gaming!”

A day earlier, the gaming service suffered a massive outage that lasted from Friday night into the morning of Saturday. The disruption in service affected Cloud Gaming, starting digital games, etc. Even streaming apps like Netflix and Disney Plus were affected.

Written by HackerVibes

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