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Here is how to run the Google Play Store on Windows 11

The Windows 11 update brought major changes to the popular operating system from Microsoft. Apart from visual and under-the-hood improvements, the new update would allow Windows computers to run Android apps originating from its rival, Google.

Microsoft had mentioned allowing Android apps on its Windows phone operating system where they would have made more sense, but shelved the idea, before killing the OS completely. But now, Windows can finally run the same Android apps on their smartphones.

The American software giant began testing Android apps on Windows recently, but with official support limited to Android apps from the Amazon Appstore, with less than 50 apps in the preview stage.

Not to be limited by Microsoft’s decision, a developer has worked out a way to get the official Google Play Store working on Windows 11, allowing anybody with the update to install Android apps and games from the official store side by side with Windows apps.

The developer, ADeltaX, also a student, has shared his method for getting the Google Play Store running on a Windows machine. However, to help Windows users understand and follow the process step by step, ADeltaX has released a video guide which you can find here on Youtube.

You can complete the whole process in under 30 minutes, following ADeltaX’s steps. It involves downloading some tools, turning on Windows Subsystem for Linux or WSL, and installing Ubuntu. Good knowledge of Linux commands is a plus if you want to do this on your own.

If the steps are too technical for you, there is a tool by another developer that will let you side-load Android apps on your PC. You can get the app from the Microsoft Store here. However, apps that require Google Play Services APIs will not work.

Even though Microsoft promised Windows 11 would run Android apps, the feature was missing when the update started rolling out. Microsoft is still testing Android apps on Windows and will make them available to all users in the coming months.

You must be aware that trying to install the Google Play Services may violate the Play Services Agreement. So proceed with caution.

We have reproduced ADeltaX’ steps here, but you can find them on GitHub:

Download msixbundle (~1.2GB)

Use this link to download the msixbundle with the settings ProductId: 9P3395VX91NR, Ring: SLOW

Install WSL2

Ubuntu is used in this guide, but any other distro will work for this just fine.

(We are assuming that you are using the exact terminal, and you are also continuing this from where the last command has been left off)

Install unzip lzip

For Ubuntu, run this command:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install unzip lzip

Download Gapps

Select Platform: x86_64 if Windows architecture is x64, otherwise choose ARM64, Android: 11 and Variant: Pico on OpenGApps

Extract msixbundle

Download 7zip or a similar archival program and open the recently downloaded msixbundle. Find the msix file inside the msixbundle relating to your architecture and extract that to a folder. Delete the files appxblockmap, appxsignature and [content_types] along with the folder appxmetadata.

Clone this repo and populate the directories

For Ubuntu, run this command:

git clone


mv /mnt/path-to-extracted-msix/*.img .

cd ../\#GAPPS

cp /mnt/path-to-downloaded-gapps/*.zip .

paths in wsl follow the same as windows after /mnt/ its just the drive letter then folder structure as normal. For example /mnt/c/users would be the c:\users folder

Edit scripts

Set executable permission for the scripts

cd ..

chmod +x

chmod +x

chmod +x

chmod +x

Run the scripts

make sure you’re in the same directory as the scripts before running, then run:


sudo ./

sudo ./

sudo ./

Copy the edited images


cp *.img /mnt/path-to-extracted-msix/

Register the edited WSA

  • Enable developer mode in windows settings.
  • Uninstall any other installed versions of WSA
  • Open powershell as admin and run Add-AppxPackage -Register path-to-extracted-msix\AppxManifest.xml

WSA will install with gapps, make sure to install android system webview from the play store after signing in.

Root access

You can get root access by replacing the kernel. (This step is no longer required to sign in gapps)


Copy the kernel file from this repo and replace the kernel file inside the Tools folder of your extracted msix (make sure WSA is not running)

This will allow you to use use su inside the adb shell.

Enter into the adb shell and run the following commands:


setenforce 0

You can sign in successfully from now on.


Written by HackerVibes

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