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Dell’s Alienware Concept Nyx promises to change how you game

While the gaming scene has never been boring, Dell promises to shake up your gaming experience with its Alienware Concept Nyx.

Even before CES 2022 starts officially, Dell has begun wowing with what it has been working on quietly. Representing a look into the future of gaming, the Concept Nyx promises radical experiences that will make your gaming sessions as seamless as ever.

For example, you can pause your Guardians of the Galaxy game in the sitting and pick it up in the bedroom or patio, if you have such a setup. Or, you could launch your games from a single place after they have been aggregated from different game stores like Xbox Cloud Gaming, Google Stadia, Steam, Epic, etc. It will also be possible to send your game to another player for help to pass a tough stage, for instance.

Dell isn’t the only company thinking of aggregating content (in its own case, games). Samsung has showcased a refresh of its TV, including an interface where all streaming service content is displayed, with the notable exception of Netflix. Clicking on a video will then take you into the app of the service it originates from.

While you can get most of the features the Concept Nyx is promising already, Dell’s implementation brings them together, offering the convenience that has not been seen in the gaming industry. The package is more polished and with less lag.

Dell showcased a prototype that contains a server (actually a powerful gaming PC), a smart controller, and the software that makes everything work. However, Dell is steering clear of gaming consoles like the Xbox or PlayStation. This is understandable because throwing these physical consoles into the mix introduces lots of complications, although nobody is sure what Dell is working on or will add in the future.

Dell is not seeking to displace the traditional gaming PC you own already, as that will even cannibalize its sales.

The box making up the Concept Nyx’s most visible hardware will be connected to your home router (or office, if you have that kind of job). The games are installed on the hardware itself or streamed from the cloud. Your own device will then connect to the hardware over Wi-Fi. The main job of the hardware is to prevent your Wi-Fi from slowing down or the game lagging when multiple players are gaming at the same time.

The prototype tower is a rather non-descript black box with sharp edges. However, if it ever becomes an actual product, it will pass through the Alienware branding treatment to make it look like a piece of gaming equipment from Dell.

However, the most crucial part of the setup is the controller. This piece is where your gaming info is stored, including your login details, games library, details on when and where you paused a game, etc. it has a proximity detector that lets you play your games from any room, over the Wi-Fi.

Dell said it would work with third-party controllers but will likely use its own hardware initially. Of course, Alienware doesn’t have a controller on the market, but it has been tossing around different designs for some time now. At any rate, projects like Concept Nyx is a motivation for it to make one.

Written by HackerVibes

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