Whatsapp’s new update allows you mute participants in a group call

Do you get annoyed when people in a group Whatsapp call forget to mute themselves after they are done speaking? Whatsapp is aware of the frustration and has now released an update that allows you to take matters into your own hand by muting participants in a group call.

The ability to mute people during group calls came in an update that included other features as well some days ago. The feature also helps to prevent echoing when you are in a room with another participant in the group call.

This new feature by Whatsapp gives more control during group conversations than other conferencing apps. For example, only the host can mute participants during Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings because ordinary participants do not have the privilege. However, Whatsapp only allows a maximum of eight participants in a video call and 32 on audio group calls.

Apart from the new muting feature, the update lets you send messages to participants while a group call is going on. This is useful for passing a personal comment to another participant while a group call is going on. Also, you will get an alert when a participant joins your call after it starts.

Whatsapp has also enabled more privacy with this round of updates. You can select who among your contact can see your profile photo, about, and the last time you were active. This may come in handy in professional settings where you want to limit who has access to your details, and it follows last year’s update that set the app to hide your last seen status from strangers by default.

Shortly before this update, Whatsapp finally allowed Android users to move their chat histories to iPhones. Before that, users could only send their past messages from the iPhone to Android.

Written by HackerVibes

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