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Moving your chats from an Android device to an iOS device will soon stop being a painful process

For many people, moving from an Android phone to an iPhone involves at least one complication; Whatsapp. Moving your old chats between the two phones has always been difficult. However, Whatsapp is working to remove that barrier, and it will become very easy to continue using Whatsapp on an iOS phone.

This news came via WABetaInfo, which detected that the latest beta version of Whatsapp on iOS contains an indication that you will soon be able to carry over your chats from Android phones.

Also, it seems the data migration will be made possible by a different app called Move to iOS.

We have been expecting this since Whatsapp mentioned last year it was working with both Android and Apple to enable moving chat history between both platforms. Months later, Samsung phones got the ability to move chats to iOS devices.

Other phones that can receive chat history from iOS devices include the Google Pixel phones.

WABetaInfo obtained screenshots that show what the transfer process looks like. Whatsapp will require your permission to access your chat data before the process starts.

However, there seems to be a catch; it looks this is a one-chance attempt because the prompt to begin the migration appears only once, and you will lose the opportunity. So you have to prepare both phones before starting the process.

Also, you have to keep the app open and your phone unlocked during the migration process.

The most recent Whatsapp beta does not include some important details like which versions of both Android and iOS will be able to transfer data. Also, we don’t know when Whatsapp will make the feature available generally. However, this feature makes it easier to switch between Android and iPhones as you are sure your chats will not get lost.

The version of the iOS beta Whatsapp that includes this feature is 22.2.74. On the Whatsapp beta for Android, version can move chats to iOS devices.

Other popular messaging platforms are not as tricky to move from one device to another. For example, Telegram and Messenger (owned by the same Meta) simply let you pick up on the new phone from where you stopped on the old phone, with all your chats automatically synced.

However, with no promise of such seamless migration on Whatsapp, the Move to iOS app is the next best option.

Written by HackerVibes

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