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Vimeo is making changes to its policy after backlash

Vimeo angered many of its subscribers when it suddenly announced steep price increases, which would see some users pay thousands of dollars or be locked out of their videos. However, the video hosting platform has heard the outcry and claims it will change.

When you host your video online, Vimeo has proven you must be prepared for the rug being pulled out from under you. Out of the blues, the company sent notices to its users that they were among the top bandwidth consumers and would either pay thousands of dollars per annum or reduce their bandwidth consumption. Failure to do either would result in losing access to their content.

However, Vimeo has seen the errors of its ways and has quickly changed its policies. While the new policy guarantees creators will be given enough notice to prepare for changes, it appears not to do much more.

Vimeo has now clarified what going over the limit means; when a user consumes more than 2TB in bandwidth per month. This is more transparent than being told you were in the top one percent of users and must then pay more. Even Vimeo admitted it flubbed the messaging to the creators it contacted.

Users will now get alerts when their usage gets past the mark. This will be followed by a 30-day period during which Vimeo and the user can hammer out a deal. The user’s account will continue to function as normal during this period, unlike the old policy that threatened to yank accounts off at short notice. Some users reported being asked to pay $3,000 per year, up from $900.

Some Patreon users were affected, as the platform had a partnership that allowed its users to host their videos with Vimeo, even offering a discount. Some of Patreon’s users did not even realize their videos were with Vimeo until their content disappeared, and they got a notice asking them to cough up thousands of dollars or be blocked.

Other Vimeo users are uncomfortable with the data cap as they quickly racked up bandwidth, even though their videos didn’t get many views.

Vimeo wrote an apologetic post but didn’t mention anything about the real crux; the exorbitant prices. This means creators may still be stuck with the high prices. However, Vimeo said it would let some creators exceed 2 TB “as long as they aren’t using Vimeo to monetize those videos elsewhere.” Precisely what that means or how it will work remains to be seen.

Here is an excerpt from the CEO’s statement;

“Shifting our bandwidth threshold from a percentage to a flat 2TB. We historically have determined that users who are in the top 1% of bandwidth usage are subject to bandwidth charges. To improve clarity and transparency moving forward, we will be setting the monthly bandwidth threshold at 2TB (or 2,000 GB)— which would impact even fewer than 1% of our users. Users can access their bandwidth usage report directly on their Vimeo account to track usage.

“Giving users more frequent and visible alerts. In addition to the analytics dashboard that shows ongoing usage and in-product alerts, users will receive notifications via email when they’ve exceeded the monthly bandwidth threshold.   

“Extending our notice periods. In the case that a user exceeds the monthly threshold, we will give them a minimum of 30 days from the time of our initial outreach to respond to our team and reach an agreeable resolution. During this time, there will be no changes to their account, videos, or service.

“Giving users more alternatives. We will continue to provide a pro-rated refund for any current paying subscriber user that exceeds our bandwidth threshold and decides Vimeo is no longer the best fit for their needs. In those instances, we will provide time to migrate their videos off of our platform and repay the remainder of their account balance.

“Rolling out an exemption policy. We will be rolling out an exemption policy moving forward where creative professionals would not be restricted by the 2TB bandwidth threshold, as long as they aren’t using Vimeo to monetize those videos elsewhere. We will have more details that we’ll share within the next 30 days, and you’ll be able to find that information on our help center.”

Written by HackerVibes

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