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Valve promises to ramp up Steam Deck shipments so you can get your game on faster

One of the most coveted tech devices is the handheld gaming PC known as Steam Deck. The hardware is so scarce that it requires serious hunting and a high level of alertness to score one. However, Valve, the company behind the gaming device, has promised to ramp up shipments, so you might be fortunate to get one.

Valve has communicated with people who have a reservation for the Steam Deck. As is its custom, the company has reached out through email at the beginning of the week. It informed its anxious buyers that Steam Deck shipment will now be accelerated and it would be sending out more order emails every week. However, more importantly, Valve plans to sometimes ship out the gaming device twice a week.

The company also posted a message on its official Twitter account.

Meanwhile, Valve had talked about ramping up production in the past. In February, Lawrence Yang of Valve told IGN, “In the first month — very quickly — we’ll be in the tens of thousands. By the second month, we’ll be in the hundreds of thousands. And beyond that, it will grow even quicker.”

Perhaps the increased production is what is giving Valve the confidence to announce increased shipments. However, what has not been clarified is whether the ramped-up production will or has already affected the status of orders on Valve’s website. When asked by some media houses, Valve did not respond.

Owning a Steam Deck might be euphoric but remember that like any tech device, you are likely to encounter bugs and other issues with it. However, Valve is always sending out fixes for its prized merchandise.

Written by HackerVibes

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