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New update lets you reply to an Instagram DM directly from your feed and share song previews

Instagram wants to make its app very easy to navigate and use. The latest feature pertains to sending direct messages or DMs, as you can now reply directly from your feed.

With the new update, you can reply to a private message without first going into your inbox. Instagram will also now allow you to send song previews through the share option and conduct polls within group chats.

Instagram had announced it was focusing on its messaging feature this year. The boss, Adam Mosseri, remarked, “Messaging is one of the primary ways that people — actually it is the primary way people connect online at this point. Instagram needs to embrace the fact that messaging is that primary form of communication.”

After getting this latest update, you will be able to send song previews with short 30-second clips. Instagram collaborated with Apple and Amazon to use their music streaming services for the clips. It said Spotify would arrive later.

Another feature is a menu that now allows you quickly reshare a post with a long press on the share button.

Instagram added other features to its DM that could already be found on Facebook Messenger. However, this is to be expected as Meta is working towards making the messaging features on the two platforms compatible. For example, in the inbox, Instagram now shows a row of pictures of your contacts that are online. And as stated earlier, there is now a polling feature, which Messenger already has.

Similarly, Instagram will also get the quiet message feature that lets you use shortcuts to send messages that won’t raise a notification. This is done with a @silent command.

Most of the new features are now available globally, but music sharing is just rolling out. However, users in Europe won’t have access to the new @silent command, polling, or seeing who is online at the top because of the laws in the continent. The law requires Instagram to segregate messaging data from other parts of the infrastructure. The social media network claims the law prevents it from analyzing messaging data to “prevent, detect and respond to child abuse material and other forms of harm.”

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