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Uber unveils a raft of new offerings at its 2022 products event

Uber holds an annual product event, and this year’s edition has revealed new offerings that include electric vehicles, group rides, and business travel.

The ride-hailing platform is trying to increase its profitability, and it is considering cost-cutting and slowing down on hiring. But it is still creating new products that will attract new customers and open up new market opportunities. Uber is no longer trying to be everything about ride-hailing.

Uber has launched a new product known as Uber Travel. It will automatically book service trips for every part of your upcoming business or personal trips. You will be required to link your Gmail and Uber accounts so that Uber can have access to your upcoming flights, hotel booking, restaurant reservations, etc.

The ride-hail platform will also offer Uber Charter, which builds out Uber’s plans for party buses. Uber Charter will handle wedding planning, work trips, wine tastings, or anything that involves a group of people. The services will launch in the US in the summer.

Uber also mentioned its voucher program for when you want to pay for rides in a large batch. It will work when booking for your wedding guests. But you can use vouchers for Uber Eats deliveries. Vouchers are available for individual and business accounts.

Another existing product getting attention is Comfort, which will help Uber achieve its goal of 100 percent electric cars in North America by 2030. Comfort Electric incentivizes drivers to switch to EVs, although only premium brands like Tesla, Ford Mustang Mach-E, Polestar, etc., are enrolled. The company already has Uber Green, which offers riders EVs at an extra charge. Users can already use Comfort Electric in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, and Dubai. Uber will add more cities soon.

Uber also revealed a new hub for its drivers who use electric vehicles on the platform. They will be able to access the hub through the app and compare operating costs between conventional cars and electric cars. It can also help to locate charging stations.

Uber users owning Google Home smart devices can now order food through Uber Eats using voice commands. The service is starting with English but will expand to other languages with time.

Another collaboration involves two other companies working on autonomous vehicles, Serve Robotics and Motional. Uber will jointly test robot deliveries. Serve Robotics runs delivery robots that move on sidewalks, while Motional uses Hyundai Ioniq 5 EVs. Motional still uses safety drivers. Los Angeles residents can participate in the Uber Eats pilot programs. Uber has been involved in autonomous vehicles for a while. It discussed collaborating with Nuro to use its robots to deliver food, but the plans didn’t work out.

Lastly, Uber is doing something for sports lovers as it expands Uber Eats to some stadiums. This means you can enjoy your games in person without going hungry. The service allows customers to pick up their orders at a concession stand without waiting in line. Uber is starting with the following stadiums: Dodger Stadium and Angel Stadium in LA; Yankee Stadium in New York City; Capital One Arena in Washington, DC; Minute Maid Park in Houston; PayPal Park in San Jose; and Roazhon Park in France

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