Uber Eats adds new bill splitting feature with friends and family

Have you been picking up the tab when you and your friends share a meal using Uber Eats? Or run after them to reimburse you? If either of these has rankled you, the platform has now provided a feature that will ensure everybody pays for what they eat! And on time!

The Uber Eats app now allows you to initiate a group order from within the app when ordering with friends and family. This means you no longer have to pass around your phone for everybody to include their orders or waste time guessing what everybody wants to eat.

The feature is available when you get to the restaurant you want to order from inside the app. Tap on the three dots in the top right corner of the screen and select ‘group order.” This will allow you to invite your hungry friends and family, and sometimes foe, from your contacts list. They will get a link through text message to join the order. They can then select their meal and pay. You still have the final say as it is your job to check out the order from your cart.

The new bill splitting feature requires your friends to have the app installed.

However, you can opt to pay for everyone, for times you are feeling generous or just want to treat everybody to something. But Uber Eats will let you set a price limit so that your dear friends do not run down your account balance by ordering extravagantly. What is not clear yet is if your friends can opt to order beyond the limit you set and pay up the balance, which would be a helpful extension of the feature.

All the food will be delivered at the same time, regardless of how the bill is settled, and you can enjoy your meals together.

If you are planning an event and want to feed everybody through Uber Eats, the new feature lets you create the group order up to seven days ahead, and your guests are free to select their food within the window you specify. Uber will send notifications to ensure everybody gets their order in on time.

With this feature, it is good-bye to friends giving excuses for not reimbursing you for the food they have devoured, and less of embarrassing situations where you ask a friend to pay up.

Here are excerpts from Uber Eats’ blog announcing the new bill splitting feature:

“Bill splitting: We know that Uber Eats consumers love bringing people together. We also know that they don’t like the financial responsibility of ordering for everyone. We get it. Now, for the first-time ever on a delivery app, anyone can create a group and allow individuals to order from the same restaurant and pay for whatever they’d like. Once everyone has placed their individual orders, those orders are added to the group cart for you (the host) to checkout. Then sit back and relax. All of the food for the group will arrive at the same time, so you can enjoy your meals together!”

“Whether you’re ordering lunch for an office of hungry team members, or planning your next Taco Tuesday with friends who have a variety of tastes, Uber’s new Group Ordering features are here to help make getting together for meals easier than ever.”

Written by HackerVibes

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