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Twitter will show off your NFTs with hexagonal-shaped display pictures

Social media is a place where many of us sow off our worldly possessions, and Twitter has added a new way to flaunt what you have got with its new profile pics.

Do you own an NFT? If yes, Twitter thinks you should prove it to the world by making it your profile picture on the social platform. However, you need to be a Twitter Blue user (costs $2.99 per month) and tweet from an iOS device.

If you have satisfied Twitter that you own the NFT in your display picture, Twitter will change the shape to a hexagon instead of the circle that other non-NFT owning users have to be content with. However, people without NFTs and no interest in the latest online commodity can use the profile shape to know who to block on the Twitterverse to avoid being pitched to or solicited.

Twitter supports six crypto wallets for users to integrate with their profiles to verify their NFT holdings. They are Argent, Ledger Live, Rainbow, Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet, and MetaMask.

Since NFT owners usually do not possess their tokens forever, Twitter has addressed the scenario that you sell your property. In that case, Twitter will continue to display the asset as your profile picture, but you will be downgraded to the circle shape.

Also, suppose you are interested in an NFT displayed on a profile. In that case, you can click on the hexagonal picture to learn more about the asset, the owner, collection, other properties, and additional details.

Twitter has released a FAQ on how the NFT profile picture works. Right now, Twitter only supports static image NFTs (JPEG, PNG) minted on the Ethereum blockchain (for example, ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens).

Part of the FAQ is reproduced below:

How does connecting my wallet to Twitter work?

To set up an NFT Profile Picture, you must control the address that holds the NFT you’d like to select as your profile picture. 

When you connect your supported crypto wallet to Twitter, Twitter will generate a verification request message to your wallet address, where you’ll be asked to complete a signing request which will include your Twitter handle. 

Can I connect multiple crypto wallets at a time to set up an NFT profile picture?

You can only connect one crypto wallet to your Twitter account at a time. If you’re already displaying an NFT profile picture and would like to use an NFT held in a different wallet, you’ll simply connect that new wallet to your Twitter account. You’ll do this from your Settings under Edit profile. Click your profile picture and select Use another wallet.

How do I set my NFT as my profile picture?

Right now, subscribers can only set an NFT as their profile picture from the Twitter for iOS app. Following the how to set an NFT device instructions will allow the hexa-shaped profile picture to be seen across all platforms. 

How do I remove my NFT Profile Picture?

If you no longer wish to display an NFT as your profile picture, you’ll simply change your profile picture to remove your NFT.

How can I see if an NFT profile picture is from a particular collection?

You can check out NFT details from the profile picture details, where you’ll be able to see if a project or collection has been verified by OpenSea or another 3rd party marketplace. 

How can I find out more about someone’s NFT profile picture?

When you see an NFT profile picture, you can see details about the NFT by visiting the profile, tapping on the profile picture, then selecting ViewNFT details. You’ll see details such as the NFT owner, NFT description, collection, properties, and additional details (such as the NFT’s contract address). 

Written by HackerVibes

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