Twitter – What’s New In 2021?

One of the leading online social media platforms today, Twitter, is always coming up with new launches and upgrades to keep its audience hooked and satisfied. Has it been able to do both in 2021? Let’s look at some of the most recent technological updates on the online platform. 

4 New Features Of Twitter In 2021 

While there are many other new features under work on Twitter, the following four are the ones that have been recently made. These upgrades have made the most impact on the platform as per ratings and users reviews. 

  1. Your Tweets = Your Space

Recently, Twitter announced that its users will now be able to change and customize who can reply to their tweets. This feature will enable users to feel more secure since only a handful of people they trust and feel comfortable with will respond to their uploads. Right before uploading a tweet, you can now click on the three dots on the side, select “Everyone can reply,” and change the settings to select who can reply to it. You can either allow anyone and everyone to reply, people you follow, or people you have mentioned in your tweet. All web, Android, and IOS users can have access to this new upgrade. 

  1. Fleets 

Like the idea of 24-hour stories on Facebook and Instagram, Twitter has launched a new feature called Fleets early this year in February. Considering that a large number of audiences shared interest between other platforms and Twitter and had been waiting for this update, it’s safe to say that it’s about time! Fleets supposedly allow users to share their transitory or “fleeting” thoughts, and they disappear after 24 hours. It means that Twitter users can now share their right-now moments with their audiences pretty much live and stay connected to everyone in a much better way. These Fleets will genuinely maximize the user experience on the platform and allow loyal audiences to use the app in a much better way.   

  1. Be Nice, Think Twice

Twitter’s “be nice, think twice” policy has been on the platform for quite a long time, but it’s now updated and improved. This upgrade will be much more efficient at spotting abusive language by measuring the level of comfort between you and the person you are talking to. Basically, Twitter will now sense how often you talk to a particular person and how comfortable you are with them. Then, depending on your relationship with this said person, the app will allow, or not allow, you to say certain words and phrases. It means that if you regularly communicate with your best friend on Twitter, you can say all kinds of things to them without any ****** whatsoever! 

  1. Verification Policy 

After a total of 3 years of pause on this matter, Twitter has finally decided to work on the verification policy and make necessary changes. The brand new verification program will be relaunched very soon in 2021 with significant changes, like not requiring header images and profile bios to deserve verification. In addition, the minimum count of followers will be based on the region instead of the country. Removal of the blue verification mark will also become more strict, and the platform is also making categories, like scientists, academics, etc., for verification. 

Final Words

Needless to say, it looks like Twitter has been paying attention to the audience’s feedback and doing the work behind the curtains. These new upgrades will completely transform the platform and improve user experiences by several folds. And everyone, literally everyone, is looking forward to it! 

Written by HackerVibes

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