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Twitter is reportedly building a subscribe to search feature

If you feel you are not getting enough Twitter notifications, the social media platform seems to be working on a new one for you. The feature is named “Search Subscribe” and lets you receive a notification for recent tweets that match the search criteria.

The feature was discovered by developer Dylan Roussel, and you can get to use it by tapping on a bell notification icon placed next to the search box when you are using the app.

Search Subscribe is still only available in the Twitter Alpha app, meaning it might never make it out as a feature on the platform.

If released, it will make locating tweets you might be interested in easier. Twitter currently offers notifications from people you are interested in to know when they post a new tweet. You can also use keywords to mute or block tweets to sanitize your timeline. But Search Subscribe will let you use keywords in a new way.

TweetDeck offers something very close, as you can create a column for a particular search result and get notified when the search returns new results. However, TweetDeck will soon be no more, so it is nice to see Twitter adding the feature to the main app.

Google has been offering a similar feature for years, as you can allow the search giant to send you notifications on a particular search term using Google Alerts. You can get your notification through push or email. However, the notifications often quickly get messy as it appears Google has no incentive to make it better. Google makes more money from actual visits to its search website.

However, Twitter’s implementation should be far better because the results come only from content posted on the platform, not from the whole World Wide Web. In addition, Twitter already has an advanced search mechanism in place that allows you to search only from within a particular user’s tweets, etc. This should allow Twitter to offer a more robust filtering system and cut out unwanted content.

Twitter even allows you to save your complex searches. However, you need to open the saved searches to get new results manually; a step Search Subscribe will eliminate. You will also get results in real-time.

Meanwhile, the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk remains stalled, with the billionaire requesting an accurate count of bots and spam accounts. He claims the figure is significantly higher than the 5 percent reported by Twitter. However, the company’s management team insists they are committed to seeing the $43 billion deal through.

Written by HackerVibes

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