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Twitter launching Notes features for blogging

If Twitter’s character limit is too restrictive for your literary prowess, the social media platform may be granting you more room for your self-expression. According to Techcrunch, Twitter is about to launch a new feature that lets you do long-form blogging known as Twitter Notes.

In a few weeks, you may be able to write to your heart’s content on Twitter without the fear of running out of characters. This is because of Twitter Notes, a new feature that is meant for posting much-longer content.

The news is hardly surprising, as there had been leaks of such a Twitter feature circulating for several months. For example, last month, Jane Manchun Wong, an app researcher, posted screenshots of a feature called Twitter Notes or Twitter Article, with the latter name describing the purpose succinctly. Users can compose and format blog posts, with pictures, links, and embedded tweets, of course.

Another app researcher, Nima Owji, revealed screenshots of the same feature, showing that there would be options to share your blog post with your Twitter followers or post it for sharing elsewhere on the internet.

Meanwhile, Techcrunch claims Twitter has settled for the Notes name for the feature. It is now being tested in the beta versions of the Twitter app. The website says the feature could launch in the coming weeks or be delayed by testing.

Twitter started with 140 characters per tweet and was said to have been modeled after the popular SMS. Years later in 2017, the company increased the character limit to 280 per tweet. While there were fears it would be misused, it appears most Twitter users have gotten used to composing and consuming 280-character tweets.

However, the new Notes feature is the biggest change Twitter has made to the length of tweets.

Twitter users can already write long missives by forming threads, or multiple tweets that are linked together. Other users achieve the same result by posting screenshots of long articles, many times are written in the iOS Notes app.

Twitter stands to gain more marketing insights from this new service, boosting its ad business. However, it may overshadow its new Newsletter feature. The company bought Revue, a company that deals in newsletters to help it compete with its rivals. But the feature has not exactly set the world on fire.

Written by HackerVibes

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