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Twitter now allows you to put warning labels on individual tweets

If you regularly post content on Twitter that can be shocking, the social platform will now let you slap a warning label on each tweet.

Instead of adding a blanket designation on all your tweets containing multimedia, you can now apply the warning label to each tweet. If your post contains nudity, violence, or other sensitive imagery, you can now warn users before they open the image.

The feature is now live on the Android and iOS versions of the app, as well as the web client.

To tip off your followers about the nature of your photo or video, add the multimedia and then tap to edit. Click on the flag icon, and you will see a list of the type of labels you can use. You can apply more than a single warning to an image if you wish.

Announcing the feature through a tweet, the official Twitter support handle posted, “The option to add one-time sensitive content warnings to photos and videos you Tweet is now available for everyone across Android, iOS, and web. To add a content warning, tap the flag icon when editing the photo/video after you’ve attached it to your Tweet.”

If you come across a tweet containing such a warning and still want to view the attached image, you can do so by clicking “Show.” Meanwhile, you can’t attach a warning to a tweet containing only text.

So far, the warning doesn’t show up when you embed a tweet or use an app like TweetDeck. Also, there is no label for a category of tweets that people might want to avoid the most; movie spoilers. Twitter is notorious for being a place you should probably avoid if you’re going to watch an anticipated movie with all the intrigues intact.

However, warning labels are supposed to help Twitter users decide whether they want to view potentially triggering media material. It is also good for avoiding opening embarrassing tweets in inappropriate situations like the workplace or when in the company of younger ones.

Twitter began testing the feature last year, and it is now ready for primetime. Previously, Twitter relied on the users to tag a post as containing a potentially triggering photo or video if the poster had not marked all their tweets as likely to contain upsetting content.

The social media platform has committed to pushing out new features faster since a new CEO, Parag Agrawal, came on board last year, following the resignation of two-time CEO and long-time face of the company, Jack Dorsey.

Other social networks like Mastodon implement a more robust warning system, allowing you to tag even text as potentially disturbing.

Written by HackerVibes

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