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Twitch implements a payment system that guarantees streamers a monthly income

Twitch is concerned about its streamer’s income stability and has implemented a new compensation method that assures them of constant revenue.

The Amazon-owned streaming platform, Twitch has announced a compensation method that will help streamers stabilize their income. The compensation plan is known as Ad Incentive Program, AIP, and assures streamers a minimum amount of ad revenue per month.

In a blog post, Twitch explains what the AIP is. “At launch, this program presents personalized offers to select creators. Currently, the offers boil down to: stream for a specific number of hours — while running ads — in exchange for a flat payout. The goal is simple: help you earn a more predictable monthly income through ads, with no ceiling on earning potential. Plus, we made it even easier by building it on top of Ads Manager. Once you set your ad schedule via Ads Manager, you’re done thinking about ads and you can focus on making awesome content with your community.”

Partner streamers will get an email with different amounts of payout. The amount a streamer receives depends on the number of ads run per hour and how many hours the streamer spends broadcasting. For instance, if a creator streamed for a minimum of 40 hours per month and ran two minutes of ads per hour, they could earn $100. If they managed three minutes of ads per hour, their compensation jumped to $300. The highest minimum payout is $500, reserved for four minutes of ads per hour.

Meanwhile, an ad management feature will accompany the AIP. It takes over control when ads are played during a stream, relieving the streamer of the stress of scheduling ad breaks.

Explaining why it is setting up the compensation program and advert manager, Twitch writes, “We’ve created the Ads Incentive Program, or AIP — pronounced ‘ape’ — for two crucial reasons: reliable and predictable income is important for streamers, and managing ads can be a pain that takes time away from creating content. No more guesswork when it comes to your monthly ad payouts. No more fiddling with ad timing. We want to free creators from additional management responsibilities, so you can focus on doing what you love with the community you love.

“Having a reliable floor of ad revenue should enable you to better plan for the future, whatever that may look like. We hope it’s an important step towards empowering creators.”

The amount received will vary by the creator, and Twitch says there is no cap on how much can be earned. Also, streamers can still make more from their hours above the requirement to qualify for the program.

If a creator opts out of AIP, they will receive a prorated payment based on the number of hours they put in.

Income has been a major problem for streamers as relying on proceeds from donations and subscriptions is difficult. The total amount earned varies wildly from month to month, and it can be risky to base one’s living on such an income.

Twitch promises to bring more features and make the experience better as it tries to make the lives of its creators better.

Written by HackerVibes

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