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Trump-backed Truth Social loses two top-ranking employees

Truth Social, the alternative social media platform backed by former President Donald Trump, is shedding employees, according to Reuters. Two high-ranking staffers have quit the company after the platform’s troubled launch on iOS.

The two tech entrepreneurs, Josh Adams and Billy Boozer, looked like a perfect fit for Truth Social. Both had extensive tech industry experience and were politically aligned with the former president. As such, Adams, the company’s chief of technology, and Boozer, the product development boss, quickly rose to top-level positions in the fledgling social media platform.

However, less than a year into their positions, Adams and Boozer have had enough with trying to start a social-media empire that will help Trump fight the cancel-culture of the mainstream media. Their resignation come at a time the social media platform is struggling to get off.

The company has only succeeded in putting out an app for iOS while Android users are still locked out. The parent company, Trump Media & Technology Group, TMTG, has advertised a vacancy for an engineer to make an Android app.

Even the iOS app has been riddled with problems. It was supposed to be widely available and fully operational by the end of March. But many users remain on a waiting list, not able to access the platform.

The TMTG is headed by a former Republican congressman, Devin Nunes.

People with the knowledge of Truth Social claim the departure of Adams could imperil the platform, given his outsized role. He was even called the brains behind the platform’s technology. Admas managed technology infrastructure, design, and development.

Meanwhile, no reasons have been given publicly for the departure of the two men, neither is it known whether they have been replaced.

Whatever is going on at TMTG has obviously affected the app, as the rate of download has dropped significantly. From 866,000 downloads during the first week of launch, the app was attracting 60,000 installs per week by March 14, according to data from Sensor Tower. The company estimates Truth Social has been downloaded a total of 1.2 million. This is lower than other conservative platforms like Parler, which has seen 11.3 million, and Getter, with 6.8 million.

Adams and Boozer joined TMTG with the hope of pushing TMTG’s anti-cancel-culture mission. They wanted to create a platform where users can speak their minds, as long as they refrain from saying what is criminal because everybody is entitled to their opinion.

It is not known exactly when the pair joined TMTG, but sources said they had been there by fall. Hiring was reportedly proved problematic as the skill set had to match a conservative political view. At least one potential hire flatly refused to work for a Trump-owned company. Other head-hunt candidates turned down the offers because of fear of job security and possible backlash, according to people in the know.

Adams and Boozers were frequent collaborators before they ended up at TMTG. The former co-founded a product and software development consultancy. Adams is also a constitutionalist who pushes for a strict interpretation of the founding US document.

The two maintained a low profile at TMTG, even going as far as not mentioning the company on their LinkedIn profiles. Adam posted as Josh A on Truth Social while Boozer hid behind Billy B.

Written by HackerVibes

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