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Tinder introduces Blind Date, where users match before seeing whom they are pairing with

Have you ever gone on an awkward blind date arranged by a well-meaning aunt? Tinder wants you to relive the experience with its new Blind Date feature.

One of the biggest online dating platforms, Tinder, has released a new feature that introduces an extra step into meeting your online sweetheart. Inside of just swiping left or right, you can use the new Blind Date feature to chat with other lonely hearts before you get to see their physical appearance.

Blind Date is part of Tinder’s Fast Chat line of features. The lineup includes other features like Hot Takes and Swipe Night.

If you elect to use Blind Date, you will be paired with possible matches based on the interests you both share and your answers to a short series of icebreaker questions. The two of you can then interact through answer prompts and in-app games. If the stars align, you can then see each other’s photos.

The types of questions you can expect to answer include “It’s OK to wear a shirt ___ times without washing it” or “I put ketchup on _______.” They might look innocent, but you should take them seriously because they might decide what the rest of your love life looks like. If your potential pairing is not impressed with your answers, they can abandon the vibes and pair with another love prospect. You would never see what the other person looked like. The chats are timed, so you have limited opportunity to impress the person you are pairing with.

Here is Tinder’s description of Blind Date:

“Now available in Explore, Fast Chat: Blind Date is a new social experience that pairs members before allowing them to view each other’s profile, making conversation, rather than photos, the first impression. Blind Date is the latest addition to the popular suite of Fast Chat features on Tinder, all designed to help members connect faster through fun, innovative prompts, and games. Members will only be able to view each other’s profiles and photos if they both decide to match after chatting.”

Tinder says this is a low-pressure way of setting up romantic dates and matches with the modern pairing habits of Gen Z, with a touch of ’90s romance nostalgia. The company somehow thinks Blind Date is similar to how people paired up in the pre-smartphone era.

The dating platform touts that while the feature was in testing, users achieved 40 percent more pairing using Blind Date when compared to other dating methods in Fast Chat that showed profile photos. One of the reasons Blind Date worked better, according to Tinder, is that Blind Date increases the chances of meeting prospects that would have been overlooked because of their looks.

If you live in the US, you can access Blind Date now, but for users searching for soul mates from outside the US, availability is coming in a few weeks.

“We’ve all seen the mix of anticipation and excitement going on a blind date brought some of our favorite movie or TV characters, and we wanted to recreate that experience for today’s generation with the Blind Date feature,” said Kyle Miller, VP of Product Innovation at Tinder. “There’s something really special about letting conversation introduce someone’s personality, without the preconceptions that can be made from photos. The new Blind Date experience brings a surprisingly fun, banter-based way to interact and create connections that’s all new to Tinder.” 

Tinder is available in more than 190 countries and more than 40 languages. It is the highest-grossing non-gaming app and has been responsible for more than 60 billion matches since it made its appearance in 2012.

Written by HackerVibes

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