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Tinder offers background checks in partnership with Garbo

Tinder, arguably the world’s most popular dating platform, will now allow users to carry out background checks in-app on prospects, thanks to its partnership with Garbo.

Dates going wrong have been the nightmare of many Tinder users, and they would like to assure their safety by finding out as much as possible about their potential matches. To reassure them, Tinder has now added a feature that lets users do background checks to see if their prospective partner has a violent or harmful history.

The checks are made possible with collaboration with Garbo, an NGO that does background checks.

Meanwhile, when you use the feature, the results will exclude information that is deemed not relevant to your safety, like the subject’s drug possession or loitering history. In addition, you won’t be able to use the service to get phone numbers or addresses of Tinder users.

However, the background check service is not free. Each time you do a search, you will be required to pay $2.50, in addition to a small processing fee. The money goes to Garbo to support their operations.

“We know that the biggest indicator of future abuse or violence is a history of these types of behaviors. Whether it’s online dating or the dozens of other ways we meet strangers in today’s digital age, we should know if we’re potentially putting our safety at risk,” says Kathryn Kosmides, founder of Garbo. “We want to protect those most vulnerable to experiencing harm both online and offline and this is just the first step in delivering on our mission to help proactively prevent harm in the digital age.”

To use this new background check feature, click on the blue shield in the app, which will take you to the Safety Center, where you will select Garbo and end up on the NGO’s website. You will start searching with the first name and phone number but can include other details if you don’t get results the first time.

If your search returns a history of violence, you are encouraged to report to Tinder, which will take appropriate actions. You would be playing your part in making the dating platform safer.

“For far too long women and traditionally marginalized groups have faced many barriers to resources and safety,” said Tracey Breeden, Head of Safety and Social Advocacy at Match Group. “Garbo’s thoughtful and innovative consumer background checks will drive the industry forward while empowering people with critical information to help inform personal safety choices.”

However, Tinder wants you to note that a user not having a violet history after running a background check through Garbo does not guarantee users’ safety. They still have to follow safety tips and use good judgment when meeting up with new people or strangers.

Background check joins other safety features that Tinder has added to its platform recently. It added ID verification last year after enabling a Twitter-like blue checkmark that signifies that a user has been verified via photo.

In addition to this collaboration with Garbo, Tinder is partnering with the National Domestic Violence Hotline. This will let Tinder users chat live with trained advocates to receive information on healthy relations and relationship abuse.

Founded by Kathryn Kosmides, Garbo enables individuals to easily access public information about violent or harmful behavior, including arrests, convictions, and sex offender registry records. Garbo seeks to democratize access to public safety information, which has traditionally been cost-prohibitive and difficult to obtain and empowers people to make more informed decisions about who they interact with in real life. 

Written by HackerVibes

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