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The Latest Smart Home Devices That Will Make Your Life Easier

Smart homes are the new trend, but they have only begun to grow, and there is massive potential for more and more improvement. Tech companies and manufacturing businesses worldwide are creating newer, better technologies for modern homes every day. What’s better than modern technology? Convenient modern technology! These devices and gadgets are solely aimed to be user-friendly and make the owner’s life more manageable. Interested to know what these are? 

4 LatestSmartHome Devices To Add Convenience To Your Life

The following smart home devices are only four of the many new technologies that were launched this year. So, what’s unique about them? They are highly loved by users and are products almost everyone needs! 

  1. 4th Generation Amazon Echo Smart Speaker

The fourth-generation launch of Amazon’s Echo is even more modern and impressive than the previous generations. Its powerful sound, spherical design, and modern features quickly grab the attention of the audience. But here’s the fact that truly makes it stand out in a market where voice assistants are already growing and evolving: it’s cost-effective. At a 100$ price tag, it offers exceptional style and performance that even some high-end smart speakers don’t. This fact alone makes 4th generation Echo a massive hit. 

  1. Second Generation Google Nest Hub Smart Display

Rapidly competing with Amazon and making sure it doesn’t stay far behind, Google decided to revolutionize the idea of the Home Hub, also popular as the Nest Hub. It redefined the design and quality of the voice assistant and launched the 2021 second-generation version with advanced features at a more budget-friendly price tag. The features are very similar to the Google Home speakers, but you also get visual feedback through an efficient screen interface. For example, by looking at the verbal commands turning into text, you can make sure that Google heard what you said and interpreted it right. What’s more, Google also did not include video cameras for the Hub to avoid privacy controversies and concerns from users.

  1. TP Link Kasa Mini Smart Plug

If you have never tried smart home devices before and are skeptical about the concept, and are afraid to waste your money, try a smart plug. And if you’re going to try a good one, get this TP-Link Kasa Mini Smart Plug. It’s easy to install, very affordable, and doesn’t require a manual for you to use it. You can connect your network to the single outlet on the plug through Wi-Fi, and the rest is pretty straightforward. The program allows you to schedule the on and off timings, and it works with both Alexa and Google Assistant. 

  1. Ecobee Smart Thermostat

Typical thermostats are old news now. A smart thermostat is what you need in your new, modern house to make your life easier. And this one by Ecobee is one of a kind! It connects to the Wi-Fi and allows you to control your house’s air conditioning and heating system using your smartphone or just your voice. But the main feature that sets it apart from all the other smart thermostats in the market is a remote temperature sensing device inside the box along with the thermostat. It means that the device will read the room temperature itself and adjust it accordingly. If that’s not convenient, what is? 

Final Words

Smart home devices are not as expensive but intimidating as a lot of people think. The idea is relatively new, so it’s still catching on, but if you choose the right products, you will see just how convenient and user-friendly these gadgets are. 


Written by HackerVibes

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