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The flagship Mercedes-Benz EQS is now available for order in the UK

If you have had your eyes on the new Mercedes EQS and you live in the UK, you can now make your pre-order.

Mercedes-Benz is coming to the electric vehicle game with gun blazing. Read on for more details on the latest luxury saloon from the German automaker.


As a luxury car, the Mercedes EQS is anything but cheap. It starts at £99,995, and the price quickly climbs as you throw in upgrades. The base model is great enough with a panoramic sunroof, heated leather front and rear seats, etc. However, if you don’t mind parting with about £8,000, you can get the Hyperscreen. For an additional £7,000, you can get a heads-up display. More on those later.

By now, you have probably decided whether the Mercedes EQS is meant for you. Regardless, we will go into the details next.


Mercedes-Benz managed to achieve two things that seem opposed to each other. It made the EQS look different from all other saloons on sale while still retaining the elements that make up a Mercedes. For example, while the S-Class has a flat hood and a rounded roofline, the EQS looks like a single curve from the side.

Out in the front, the EQS lacks the usual grille, which we will put down to being electric. However, the famous gleaming Mercedes-Benz logo remains.

As part of the Premium Plus package, you can get doors that automatically open as you approach the car.

Inside the EQS

One of the EQS interior highlights is the Hyperscreen, Mercedes-Benz’s massive side-to-side screen that is divided into three parts. One part is the instrument cluster. Another part is the center console, while the last part sits right of the front passenger.

However, if you do not feel like splurging on the Hyperscreen, the base model has two giant screens that are still impressive. Both options run on the latest infotainment system that recognizes voice inputs in 27 languages.

As if the screens on the dashboard are not enough, Mercedes-Benz lets you add two more at the back for riders confined there.

The rest of the interior is the usual comfortable and rich finishing that is the hallmark of Mercedes.

Electric motor & performance

The EQS not only looks good but performs. The entry-level named the 450+ comes with a single motor mounted at the rear. It generates 333 hp that will do 0 to 60 mph in 6.2 seconds.

The 580 4Matic offers an all-wheel-drive dual-motor setup that produces 523 hp and shaves off almost two seconds from 0 to 60 mph. For those that want more power, Mercedes has promised a performance version that will deliver 761 hp.

Battery & range

There is hardly a reason to feel range anxiety with the EQS as Mercedes-Benz is outfitting the basic model with a 108 kWh battery that delivers up to 478 miles on a single charge. Again, the German company has promised a smaller battery that will yield about 400 miles.

If you are in a hurry, the EQS will add 180 miles in 15 minutes on a DC charger where available. At home, the standard 11 kW onboard charger will fill up the battery in 10 hours. If you pay an extra for the 22 kW onboard charger, you could cut it down to five hours.


Mercedes is throwing in lots of features to make your driving experience smooth. For example, an air suspension lets you glide over bumps and even remembers the location with the help of GPS, so it would raise the car the next time you drive by.

Even though electric cars are quiet by nature, Mercedes-Benz is doing even more to make the EQS quieter. However, if you prefer a hum, there are soundtracks you can play with trendy names like Silver Waves, Vivid Flux, and Roaring Pulse (inspired by erupting volcanoes).

The EQS will handle some driving for you as it can accelerate, steer, brake, and change lanes automatically, although you are still expected to be in control.

Mercedes has also added back-wheel steering for making tight turns easier at lower speeds. The two wheels will turn in the opposite direction to the front wheels. However, Mercedes has found another way to get more cash out of you as an upgrade will unlock more degrees of turning for the rear wheels.


The Mercedes EQS lives up to the luxury reputation of its maker, although you must be ready to pay for it.

Written by HackerVibes

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