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Tesla will now disable seat controls if you don’t stop adjusting them

Tesla will forever be the company that is not afraid to go where others have not gone. Its latest stab at controversy is a feature that disables seat controls if you continuously adjust them. However, at closer examination, the feature might be necessary.

As published by Jalopnik, a Tesla hacker that goes by GreenTheOnly has unearthed a new feature that Tesla is adding to its car; seat abuse prevention. The information came via a new seat vendor for Model 3 and Model Y cars.

So, if you continuously adjust or abuse your seat, the car will lock you out of seat adjustment. This means you have limited chances to get comfortable.

If you screw with the seat control by moving it forward and backward for more than 90 minutes within five minutes, you will get a warning from the ever-watchful car. If you keep at it for two minutes, you will get a time out of five minutes. But that is not all because if you do what is referred to as “short bursts,” you will get slapped with the five minutes lockout too.

Apparently, the abuse is tracked for the fore-aft seat track, sparing lumbar support, but nobody knows tomorrow.

The new seat supplier is Brose, a big name in seat and seat controls to OEMs that have been in the business for more than 100 years. If you drive a Volkswagen or Hyundai model, you probably use their products.

This feature is sure to become controversial because sometimes, a car is shared by several people with different body sizes, which may trigger abuse warnings. It is easy to imagine a couple sharing the family car. However, some people have pointed out that Tesla keeps track of stuff using different profiles if more than one person uses the vehicle. But this would apply to couples that have set up multiple profiles to start with.

Perhaps the most rational explanation is that Tesla wants to prevent the electric motors from burning out. The motors used in applications like this are not meant for prolonged operations, and they might get damaged. However, Brose supplies seats to other car brands, and virtually none other than Tesla has added this type of control.

If Tesla is attempting to preempt damage, it probably means the motors in the seats going to Tesla are of lower quality and cannot hold up to the same stress as non-Tesla cars.

Here are GreenTheOnly’s theories as to why Tesla is adding this feature, as shared with The Verge:

“so there are two possibilities:

1. their historical replacement pattern show that motors fail like this.

2. they are using worse motors at the factory now, so added this check into factory firmware first.

In the end I cannot tell you it’s one or the other for sure. This change is coincident with the BROSE seats config so may be just the Brose seats have this weaker motor? That would explain the first appearance is in the factory firmware too, then.

But may be it is based on historical data too and would apply to all cars, and it’s all just a [coincidence]. I have no real way to know. I don’t even have a model3 car myself”

Tesla actually added the ability to play some games while the car was in motion before being cautioned by the NHTSA some months ago. So this is perhaps Tesla doing what it feels it can get away with, as usual.

Of course, Tesla won’t reply to a request for more information. The CEO, Elon Musk, dissolved the PR unit, and he is the primary mouthpiece for the company using Twitter.

Written by HackerVibes

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