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Video shows latest updates on Tesla’s Cybertruck, including huge windshield wiper

Tesla’s Cybertruck is one of the most anticipated electric pickup trucks and a new video has given us a peek at the company’s progress in developing the vehicle.

The Tesla Cybertruck may be polarizing with its design but that has not stopped it from generating lots of interest. With many pre-orders existing, it is understandable that updates on the upcoming trucks are sought after.

Thanks to a walkaround video obtained by a user on Electek’s Cybertruck Owners Club forum, we can see what is apparently new with the truck. The truck still has its sci-fi, out-of-the-world look, a deliberate design to make it stand out from a sea of similarly-looking pickup trucks.

One of the most remarkable differences is the windshield wiper. This new but necessary addition was first spotted last month when a prototype being tested on the company’s California facility was captured in a drone video. It featured an absurdly large wiper that even the CEO, Elon Musk, was not happy with. He claimed the design team didn’t consider the wiper when they settled for the large windshield. However, he admitted that a wiper that hides in the front trunk would be ideal but complex to implement.

In this video, the wiper is obviously not stowed away and remains fully stretched out to the side. For some people, the placement ruins the otherwise clean aesthetic of the steel truck. It appears it is a design decision future owners of the Cybertruck have to live with.

The side mirrors are back on this version, although Musk hinted they might be designed so you can remove them if you would rather rely on cameras to monitor your surroundings while you are inside the car. Side mirrors are currently a regulatory requirement.

At the rear, a hitch is visible for towing stuff behind the truck. This feature would eventually show up on a prototype as the truck is rated for towing up to 12,000 pounds.

The truck is also notable for the feature it is missing, door handles. The original prototype Musk displayed during the presentation of the truck in 2019 had door handles, which subsequent prototypes also had. However, somewhere during the development process, the team had decided to do away with them, or at least test what the absence of door handles means.

This video lacks audio, but apparently, the group of people in the video discussed how the doors would open without handles, going by the subtitles. It seems you would be able to open the doors by tapping your phone or keycard on a part of the car. But that has not been confirmed yet.

One of the people in the video has a piece of advice for Musk, commenting that the CEO was ‘doing too much’ or overdoing things with the truck, which he compares to a fridge made of steel that you use to store your produce.

Since the Cybertruck in this video is a prototype, the final version may look a lot different from it. Parts of the truck may change to comply with safety standards and other road-worthiness requirements.

Meanwhile, the Cybertruck continues to face delays, and the latest news is that production and availability have been shifted to early 2023. This rumor appears to be supported by Tesla removing all the mention of 2022 from all of Cybertruck’s web pages. However, Musk has promised to give a product roadmap update during the next earnings call.

While the Cybertruck goes through the last stages of development, other electric pickup trucks have or will soon enter the market. This includes the Rivian R1T, which is now being delivered, and the Ford F-150 Lightning, which the company had to stop accepting pre-orders.

Written by HackerVibes

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