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Starlink now available in 32 countries globally

SpaceX’s Starlink service is expanding, and users in 32 countries globally can now connect to it.

Expanding has been a tough nut to crack for SpaceX’s satellite internet services, but the company now reports it is available in 32 countries across the world. The company says dishes are ready for immediate shipping, which is a different tune from earlier reports of customers waiting months before getting their dishes.

SpaceX posted on Twitter a map showing where its service was available on the globe. Users in the majority of Europe and North America are online already. Similarly, Starlink is live in some parts of South America, Australia, and New Zealand. Africa and the rest of the world show “Coming Soon,” with availability expected in 2023.

Just this year, Starlink reported it was active in 25 countries, showing the rate of expansion. Also, Starlink isn’t just saying its services are available, but that dishes are available for immediate shipping in more countries.

Starlink charges $599 for the receiving dish and $110 monthly for internet access. It will eventually be available to users in any part of the world when SpaceX has put enough satellites in orbit.

SpaceX sped up the roll-out of Starlink in Ukraine to help the country defend its territory from Russian invasion, with several shipments of the dishes quickly arranged. The company also prioritized work on the service to prevent jamming and hacking effort.

Written by HackerVibes

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