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Spotify Launches Lyrics Feature Globally

Music Streaming platform Spotify launched a real-time lyrics feature in 26 countries last year. The countries where the feature was available included countries from Southern Asia and Latin America missing the U.S.A. After testing the feature for more than a year today, Spotify has rolled out the lyrics feature globally. Just like the testing phase, Musixmatch provides the vocals. The MusixMatch is a platform that offers lyrics to over 8 Million Songs. Spotify has partnered with them to fetch the lyrics data from them.

Talking about the availability of the lyrics feature, it will be available on every platform where Spotify has an app. The list includes iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Gaming Consoles, and Smart TVs. Suppose you are wondering whether the feature will be available for only paying users or everyone. Let me tell you, Spotify has made the lyrics feature available for both free and paying users. It means anyone with a Spotify app can get real-time lyrics for most of the songs. Kudos to Spotify for giving the feature for nonpaying users as well.

Where most other music streaming platforms only provide lyrics to read and sing along, Spotify has gone ahead and added a social sharing feature. One can easily select lyrics and share them anywhere. Interestingly the feature will not be limited to just a few songs but will be available for most of the songs library. So, next time you want to share lyrics of a song you are listening to on Spotify, it will be more accessible than ever.

Spotify’s history of adding the Lyrics feature on the platform is hit and miss. You might be surprised the company was one of the first in the industry to provide accurate lyrics on their platforms. In 2015 they had partnered with Musixmatch to show lyrics, but it didn’t work out, and they parted their ways in 2016. After that, they started offering a feature called Behind the Lyrics with a partnership with another Lyrics provider, Genius.

For your information, Spotify’s most significant competitor Apple Music shows Lyrics with collaboration from Genius. The Behind the Lyrics feature shows up some interesting information related to the songs. It includes the singer’s name, musician, and other info. It is not that useful as a full-fledged real-time Lyrics feature. Although the Behind the Lyrics feature did provide lyrics in a few markets in Japan, it didn’t get much popularity in other markets.

When the Lyrics feature is launched and made available globally, Spotify will discontinue the Behind the Lyrics feature. Spotify is facing stiff competition from Apple, and when the match provides a valuable feature, Spotify had to tackle it anyway. Thankfully they started testing the feature last year and now made it available for everyone, even for fee users. What are your thoughts about Spotify getting the lyrics feature? Please drop a comment below, and do let us know.

Written by HackerVibes

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