Sony’s State of Play for October 2021 has concluded, and it might as well be the last one for the year because it was honestly a bit underwhelming. Though we do have to be honest, there were a ton of third party games announced and showcased, yet none of them were the things that people had been begging for. In any case though, there did come some super awesome announcements with it, despite the obvious fact that there wasn’t much content shown. Let’s get right into a recap of the best announcements from Sony’s October 2021 State of Play!


We Are OFK is one of the new games announced way back at E3 2021, however it’s fully being showcased now! It’s been confirmed for the PS4 and PS5 platforms, while Microsoft’s Xbox consoles will not be seeing it for the time being. The game is essentially a biopic on the lives of real life indie pop band known as OFK. It follows the band as they face the difficult challenges in life as they do their best to bring their debut EP to the world. The game is a cinematic, story-based episodic drama, and is being developed by Team OFK, and has the real life band members featured in the voice acting cast as well as the music!


Deathverse – Let It Die is the only purely Multiplayer game that was announced at the event, and it is one of the most surprisingly fresh looking games we’ve seen in a while! It was showcased at the best time too, as it’s a game that is very reminiscent of the latest Netflix hit series Squid Game. You play as a survivor in a group of people who are all out to get each other in a reality TV-like scene where you will be hunting each other down! The game looks and feels a bit like a lethal version of Fall Guys, with a ton of focus to its melee combat gameplay. The game is being developed by Supertrick Games, and features an exciting new coat of paint on the new sort of Total Wipeout survival genre of games!


This is it guys; this was what we’ve been waiting for! This is the one announcement that actually made this event something highly important. The King of Fighters 15 has been a game that quite literally everyone has been waiting for. In the world of Fighting Games, King of Fighters is one of the most popular series to ever exist and this game is just a continuation of that classic Fighting Game goodness! The King of Fighters 15 features some of our favorite characters returning, as well as a huge cast of new characters that will be added for the spice. It’s going to have a ton of improvements to the gameplay and the art design too, this time the game is being rendered in a 2.5 dimension system, while the gameplay is being smoothened up for a more convenient experience! Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for this one because it’s going to be one of the best additions to the series yet!


Star Ocean the Divine Force is one of the highlights from Sony’s October State of Play, as it is one of the most popular JRPG games in recent times. The long standing franchise is seeing the latest installment in its highly engaging action JRPG series, The Divine Force. The franchise is commemorating its 25th anniversary since the original game released way back in 1996. So they just announced that the new title will be landing on the PS4 and PS5, while they also announced that Xbox Series S, X and Xbox One, along with Microsoft Windows will also be receiving the game at around the same time!


Five Nights at Freddy’s – Security Breach could not have seen an announcement at a more appropriate time. Halloween was just a few days away from the State of Play event, and they made it all the more spooky for us all by bringing back Freddy Fazbear and a group of terrifying new accomplices with a brand new neon coat of paint. The game was being rumored and leaked, left right and center however it wasn’t until the event that we got to see the bone-chilling gameplay in all its glory. The game seems to be an improved version of everything we’ve ever seen from Five Nights at Freddy’s. You can check out more about the game by simply playing it on your Sony PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on December 16! 


Bugsnax was one of those games that quite literally no one expected to be such a massive success. It was a game that revolved all around exploration of this extremely weird island which has a bit of a Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 situation going on. See, the animals on this island are actually food! Yep, that was the concept of the game. So, since those animals are food, and we are all just extremely hungry for research, you’re supposed to go around collecting them and researching these species. The Isle of BIGsnax is a much needed update that will bring all of us back into the world of Bugsnax in all its glory! This update will throw us onto the isle of BIGsnax, where each critter is absolutely gigantic and you can now customize your house in Snaxburg! Get the update for free on your PS4 and PS5 early next year.


To close it out, the real highlight for most people was this little indie game that somehow looked better than everything else that was shown during the event. This is a peculiar little game, following the story of a traveler named Billy who’s constantly running into weird adventures with paranormal creatures, strange, dark people and creepy locations! Billy’s story is a homage to maybe A Series of Unfortunate Events, as the trusting young man is constantly on the move throughout the world and looking for a place for himself. This is a fantastic new JRPG, that features multiple different kinds of gameplay elements, it has a deep role-playing system with intricate storylines that branch into different narratives. It also features a unique combat system where you can throw, shove and push people around in fun little melee combat scenarios. This is the best looking game from the event by far, and developers Neostream Interactive have truly gotten our attention with it!

Those were by far the best announcements from Sony’s State of Play in October 2021. There were other games announced, such as First Class Trouble, a sort of Hitman-esque multiplayer adventure. There was also KartRider: Drift, an underwhelming version of Nintendo’s Mario Kart. Death’s Door was sort of an ode to rogue-lite games of old, it looks like a fun looking RPG that will be challenging and fun but nothing too unique. In general, this was a bit underwhelming of an event yet we still got some treasures!

Written by HackerVibes

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