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Sony reveals name of its next VR headset; confirms it wants to make electric cars

Sony has confirmed that most of us have been guessing correctly; its next VR headset will be named the PlayStation VR2. However, the electronics maker is throwing in not one, but two surprises; two electric cars!

Image Credit – Sony

President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, revealed the name of the next version of the company’s headset during a presentation at the CES 2022. There are no surprises as it will be known as the PlayStation VR2.

There are still unknowns about the new headset, especially what it will look like. However, the info about the spec is out already. For example, it has been revealed that the new VR headset is compatible with the PS5, and Sony itself has showcased the controllers, now known as Sense controllers.

Also, there are haptic feedback support, eye tracking, and 4K HDR, 90/120 Hz frame rates. VR2 will come with other features like foveated rendering, 110 degrees field of view, and a USB-C port with which it will connect to your PS5.

Included in the presentation are the first big games for the VR2, and they are Horizon Call of the Mountain and Horizon Forbidden West.

There is no release timeframe for the headset and games yet.

However, in the keynote presentation, the company’s chairman, president, and CEO, Kenichiro Yoshida, confirmed that Sony would do what everybody has been expecting and hoping Apple will do; release a car!

Image Credit – Sony

While the American company has long been suspected of making a car, Sony is charging ahead with its own models. As you would expect, the cars are electric and are presented as concepts, although they look suspiciously close to production.

The two concepts are the Vision-S EV sedan and Vision-S 02 SUV. To bring these cars to life, Sony is launching a whole new company, Sony Mobility, and the company already has a working prototype.

The CEO confirmed that Sony is serious about its cars, commenting that the company is exploring a commercial launch of Sony-branded EVs.

However, this is not the first time we have heard about the Vision S EV, as Sony revealed it last year. The car was full of sensors, although Sony announced that its plans were affected by the global chip shortage in its electronics business. So depending on how soon it wants to start making these cars, there will be some manufacturing bottlenecks to deal with.

Sony has posted videos of it the two prototypes, including clues as to how the electronics maker will market the actual products. In one of the clips, Sony shows the user interface, and in another, features a test of remotely driving the car. The prototype is driven in Tokyo while it is controlled from Germany through a 5G connection.

Just how well a console maker can design a car remains to be seen, but Sony says it wants to redefine mobility. However, the two vehicles look stylish enough, with no crazy ideas. At any rate, Sony does not have to manufacture the car itself. Apparently, Magna made the prototypes and has the capacity to scale the production.

Also, Sony’s bold move might make Apple hurry up with whatever it is doing with cars. The company has been rumored to be working on a whole car but later reportedly disbanded most of the team, with the focus shifting to making the software that runs cars. However, the latest rumors have it that Apple is making a whole car once again.

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