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Snapchat adds chatting and video calls to web app

If you would rather carry out your Snapchat activities on the web instead of the web, the social media network will soon accommodate you. It is working on a new web app that brings Snapchat to the desktop.

Snapchat users will be able to log in with their account on the web app and do things like sending private messages, chatting, snapping, and video calling. However, only Snapchat Plus subscribers will initially have access to the web version, so get ready to drop some coins if you can’t wait to use Snapchat on your laptop. The web version will be spared ads, at least initially.

Users in markets including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand will be the first to access the web version. In addition, Snapchat for Web will work with Google’s Chrome browser and not Apple’s Safari.

Snapchat claims the web app makes sense even though the platform is visuals-centric because how people use their desktops is changing, and its own users are using such devices more frequently. This is true given that desktop usage surged during the pandemic. It is a smart move to target such users.

Being on the desktop also makes some usage scenarios easier or more natural. For example, it allows users to chat and do calls using the same window.

According to Snapchat’s head of messaging products, Nathan Boyd, the company will bring more features to the desktop over time.

While Snapchat postures as an AR platform (it has many Lenses powered by AR), the fact is that its users engage heavily in private messaging and calling. As such, Snapchat for Web means the platform is competing more with the likes of Discord and Whatsapp, which have web apps. More than 100 million Snapchat users make calls on Snapchat monthly and spend about 30 minutes on average every day. Boyd says people send messages as the last thing before closing the app.

Releasing a web version of its network and limiting access to paid users shows how seriously Snapchat is taking its subscription model. It should do so, anyway, as subscriptions are a way for the network to make money. Snapchat has 332 million daily active users and is pressed to find ways to monetize them.

Snapchat announced the paid tier last month.

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