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Snapchat releases new lens to help Snapchatters learn the American Sign Language alphabet

While Snapchat caters to the audio and visual experience, the social media platform tries to include the deaf and hard-of-hearing. A new lens will help users learn American Sign Language (ASL).

Snapchat is more than just a platform for entertainment. It wants its users to actually learn with the app. The company behind the platform has now launched a lens that teaches the basics of the American Sign Language, starting with the letters of the alphabet. Snap is collaborating with SignAll, which has developed a technology for translating sign language.

Snap said the effort was led entirely by the Deaf and Had-of-Hearing staff of the company, called the Deafengers.

The lens will teach users to fingerspell their names and practice using the ASL alphabet. Users can also hone their ASL skills by playing some games.

If you want to try out the lens, click on this link. It will open Snapchat on your phone if you have the app. You can practice by holding your phone in one hand and copying the hand shapes on the screen. It is very easy to memorize the hand shape that goes with which letter of the alphabet.

Here is Snapchat’s blog post announcing the new ASL lens:

“We’re constantly working to expand the ways Snapchatters can express themselves and make connections through our Camera. We hope that Lenses not only evolve the way we see the world, but help us feel closer to one another. Today, we’re launching an ASL Alphabet Lens in partnership with SignAll. It’s a first of its kind Lens experience that inspires Snapchatters to start learning American Sign Language!

“Led entirely by Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing team members here at Snap called the ‘Deafengers’, the ASL Alphabet Lens teaches you to fingerspell your name, practice the ASL Alphabet, and play games that put new skills to the test. It was built using groundbreaking hand-tracking technology that powered last year’s fingerspelling Lenses in honor of International Week of the Deaf.

“For native signers, in a world where linguistic inequity is prevalent, we believe AR can help evolve the way we communicate. We look forward to learning more from our community as we strive to continuously improve experiences for everyone on Snapchat.

Try the Lens now and begin your journey of learning American Sign Language!”

Written by HackerVibes

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