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Snap didn’t make enough Pixy flying cameras, leading to longer waiting times

Snap revealed its colorful flying camera, the Pixy, last week and started taking pre-orders immediately. However, the company has admitted to not producing enough units, and people with reservations will now have to wait longer.

The Pixy drone costs $230 and will take pictures of you from otherwise out-of-hand angles and elevations. Even at the time, Snap said buyers would have to wait at least three months to get the device. However, the company has now updated its pre-order makers that the wait would now be four months.

While the company may prefer to say the drone is selling well, it seems there weren’t enough drones to start with. It would not be surprising as Snap may want to prevent the debacle of the Spectacle launch, which cost the company $40 million. There had been an over-production of the eyeglasses, with demand lagging supply.

In fact, Snap’s CEO Evan Spiegel told The Verge before the launch that his company should have made more devices as they underestimated demand.

However, the ordering website warned buyers that there could be up to 12 weeks of waiting, even for day-1 pre-order makers.

Snap also clarified that it was not producing the Pixy camera in response to demand, meaning it has a stockpile somewhere. But the company won’t reveal how many of the cameras it has made.

The Pixy is Snap’s second attempt at making hardware after the ill-fated Spectacles. The camera drone can fit in a pant pocket. It doesn’t come with a controller but takes off and lands on the palm of the owner using six pre-planned flight patterns that you can select with a dial on the drone.

Unlike other drones on the market, Pixy is not heavy, loud, or expensive. You also do not require a permit to use the drone camera.

The yellow drone weighs just 101 grams and uses swappable batteries. It has a 12 MP camera and can store up to 100 videos or 1,000 photos on the local 16 GB storage. The content can be synced wirelessly to your Snapchat Memories section, where you can do any editing before sharing in the app or outside of it.

The Pixy automatically tracks your movement, and you can end the session by stretching out your hand, which tells the drone to land on your palm. People who have tested the flying camera attest that it just works.

Written by HackerVibes

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