Samsung refreshes The Frame; adds radio wave harvesting to its Eco Remote

Remember Samsung’s art frame TV, The Frame? Samsung is giving it a new matte, anti-reflective screen at CES 2022. Also, Samsung’s remote TV can now harvest power from radio waves, in addition to the sun.

Samsung went all sophisticated on us a while back with the introduction of its art-focused display known as The Frame. Apart from showing standard TV content like shows and movies, The Frame can function as an art display, and you can easily fool unsuspecting house guests with its metal and wooding frames.

There is a store where you can purchase different arts so you can change things up sometimes, including digitalized paintings and photography.

Now, Samsung has added a few enhancements for the hardware, with a new anti-reflective screen that fortunately makes the art look more like art and less like TV. Samsung says the new matte screen has a paper-like and canvas-like finish, reducing reflection significantly.

However, it is not only The Frame getting the matte treatment because it is also coming to The Serif and The Sero for 2022.

Samsung is also pushing a wall mount that uses a motor to change the TV’s orientation from landscape to portrait and vice-versa. When the orientation changes, the TV menu’s appearance changes as well.

Back to The Frame, Samsung has redesigned the art store so you can find content easier and faster. You can subscribe to as many as 1,400 art pieces from famous art institutes for $5 per month, giving you more than enough options to jazz up your living room.

The Frame still comes with 4K resolution, which is totally fine for displaying art. It also has QLED with quantum dots and a dual-LED backlight structure.

Samsung offers The Frame 2022 from 32 inches to 85 inches. While the prices have not been announced, last year’s versions started from $500, so you can have a price range if you plan to snag one.

Another improved product is Samsung’s TV Eco Remote. While you might have thought remote control designs have peaked, the South Korean company always finds a way to add an extra.

Last year, Samsung added a solar panel that keeps the remote charged without replacing batteries, as long as you store it in a sunny part of your living room. This was meant to improve its eco-friendliness, an idea Samsung has embraced enthusiastically.

This year, the TV remote is adding another way to charge, with the ability to convert radio frequency into power. The radio waves can come from your home Wi-Fi and ensure your remote is always charged, even when there is no sun. It also means you can place your remote in any part of the house and not worry about whether it is getting enough sun or not.

The Eco Remote is still made to be easily recycled but will now be available in white, in addition to the black Samsung offered last year. It will also come with a minimalist design.

Voice commands are also possible to jump to apps like Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, and of course, Samsung’s TV Plus.

Radio Frequency harvesting is ideal for low-power devices like TV remotes. By eliminating AAA batteries, Samsung hopes to prevent 99 million such batteries from ending up in landfills in seven years. The company is still investigating other methods of charging the battery.

All the TVs Samsung has announced for 2022 will come with the new Eco Remote.

Written by HackerVibes

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