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Samsung confirms 2022 Unpacked event for February

The highly anticipated yearly Samsung even has been confirmed for February.

Samsung holds the Unpacked event every year, where it officially releases its flagship phones and declares orders open. This year’s Unpacked event will take place in February. This revelation came courtesy of a press release by president TM Roh.

While the announcement is exciting for millions of Samsung fans worldwide, a subset of enthusiasts will be disappointed by other information in the blog post. Roh hinted that one of the most beloved Samsung phones, the Note, has reached its end of the line.

Roh wrote, “We know many of you were surprised when Samsung didn’t release a new Galaxy Note last year. You loved the unparalleled creativity and efficiency of the Galaxy Note series, which enabled you to switch from gaming nirvana to high-octane productivity in the blink of an eye. You raved about the lifelike S Pen, which many say rivals putting ink to paper. And we haven’t forgotten about these experiences you love.”

The president continues with what fans can look forward to at the upcoming Unpacked event, “At Unpacked in February 2022, we’ll introduce you to the most noteworthy S series device we’ve ever created. The next generation of Galaxy S is here, bringing together the greatest experiences of our Samsung Galaxy into one ultimate device.

 “With it, you will own the night — taking the best and brightest photos and videos you’ve ever captured with a phone. You will also dominate the day with power, speed, and tools that can’t be found elsewhere. You will enjoy cutting edge-innovations made possible thanks to the smartest Galaxy experience yet. All while feeling good about being part of the most sustainable Galaxy ecosystem. And, yes, you will help Samsung rewrite the future of smartphones once again.”

For people that have been paying attention, the handwriting has been on the wall for some time for the super-sized smartphone. Samsung declined to release a Note for 2021, quite out of character for the South Korean electronics giant. Instead, Samsung introduced the Ultra line, another large-screen phone that didn’t completely fill the shoes of the Note.

Roh hinted that Samsung would import all the beloved functions of the Note line into another phone, most likely the Ultra. The president is aware of how disappointed fans of the Note are but pleads with them to help rewrite Samsung’s history with phones altogether.

The Galaxy Ultra has been morphing into the Note anyway, with S-Pen support included already. Besides, leaks have hinted that Samsung is swapping the Note with the Ultra. We will see a confirmation at the Unpacked event, although the date has not been announced yet.

Meanwhile, if you are so confident in Samsung, you can place your order now for any of the Galaxy S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra even before the Unpacked event. Of course, this won’t be a blind fate action since Samsung has a reputation for making great phones. Besides, relentless leaks have revealed the most important specs of the phones, including what they look like, helping many buyers to decide already.

However, the pre-announcement pre-order will only reserve a spot for you to order the phone after the announcements, so you will not part with any cash at this moment. Some carmakers, notably Tesla, use this method to drum up and gauge the public interest in their upcoming models.

Samsung is offering $50 when you pre-order, and it could come in handy when getting a phone case or charger.

Written by HackerVibes

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