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In phone news, the Samsung Galaxy S20 next to get One UI 4.0 and new version of Motorola Razr confirmed

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S20 and wonder when you will get the One UI 4.0 update, a top employee of the South Korean company has confirmed the slightly old version of Samsung’s flagship phone is next in line.

Only the Galaxy S21 has got the update, but it will soon be joined by the S20, according to the company’s beta program manager. If you have been running the less stable beta version of the update, you now have the opportunity to install the official and stable version.

The employee revealed on a Samsung community thread that the phone maker wouldn’t release a new build for the One UI 4.0 beta software as it is busy with finalizing Android 12 with the One UI 4.0 for the S20 series. This places the phone next after the S21 to get the update.

While we advise not to keep your hopes up, you might get the official update starting in January. We will inform you when this is officially confirmed.

Other series or models that Samsung is testing the update on are the Note 20, Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Flip 3, and Galaxy S10. Naturally, being older phones, they will get their updates after the S20.

Also happening in January is the release of the Galaxy S21 FE, the more affordable version of the S21. It will probably come with Android 12 and One UI 4.0, just like the new S22 flagship coming later in the year.

Part of the new One UI update are visual changes in OS to match the new Material UI and in the stock Samsung apps, and optimization for Android on the Snapdragon 888 and Exynos 2100 chips. Samsung has also included some changes in its Knox security feature.

Seeing how the rollout of Android 12 has gone, Samsung should take as long as it needs to ensure a smooth experience for its clients.

In other phone news, the third edition of Motorola’s foldable phone, the Razr, has been confirmed. The phone had a good reception and was among the first folding phones announced and available on the market.

Credit – Motorola

According to an executive at Lenovo, Chen Jin, the parent company of the Motorola brand, the clamshell-style phone is getting a third generation. Jin claims the new version is more powerful and will come with a better interface and appearance, which is not surprising as that is what all phone makers do.

Jin has not said when the new phone will arrive, but it seems likely 2022 is the year. Motorola has to move fast and also distinguish itself because more companies are releasing foldables, including clamshell designs. For example, the new Razr has to compete with the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 4, which benefits from a more visible brand and solid performance in the earlier iterations.

The upcoming Motorola will also face the Huawei P50, a clamshell foldable designed for the fashion-conscious crowd. It sports a unique circular cover screen and feather-like pattern on the body created with input from Iris van Harpen. However, any competition from the P50 will be regional as the phone will only be sold in China. The company is still under US sanctions that prevent it from using the Android OS on its phones, denying it access to the extensive apps in the Play Store. As such, the P50 uses Huawei’s Harmony OS.

Other foldables that compete with the Razr, even though they are in slightly different categories, are the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Oppo’s new Find N, and the Magic V teased by Honor. More phone makers are expected to release their own folding phones in the nearest future.

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