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Reasons Why a Chromebook Should be the choice for Purchase

Chromebooks are far more adaptable now compared to how they were a decade ago, and they are a feasible alternative to more expensive Mac and Windows laptops.

Amid the epidemic, many more individuals were exposed to the world of Chromebooks, which were scooped up for remote study as well as at-home work. It’s probably for this reason that I’ve spent more time answering queries regarding them from friends and family as opposed to I have when they initially debuted in 2011.

The majority of Chromebook talks are with persons who are purchasing them for their children. However, such Q&A exchanges frequently conclude with them wondering, “Should I get it for myself?” And the standard response is, “It depends on your objectives and goals.” However, with a little investigating, many users learn they needn’t do much more than what a Chromebook can accomplish.

One typical justification against purchasing a Chromebook is that you can accomplish a lot more with a typical computer, such as a laptop running Windows, Mac OSX, or a Linux distribution. This is typically accurate, however, once again, numerous people needn’t do anything else. What online, Linux and Android apps can accomplish on Chromebooks are increasingly sufficient to get through day-to-day chores.

Is it sufficient for me?

Are you unsure whether a Chromebook is best for you? Build a list of everything you need to perform on a computer. Include what you’ll do regularly as well. If your entire list can happen on a web browser, Chromebooks are a fantastic fit. 

So much can be done via a browser or with a web-based app, particularly when it comes to productivity chores like spreadsheets and word processing. Web applications are simply web pages that behave like downloaded mobile apps, and Google offers a plethora of them in its web store.

If web apps that serve you are hard to find, all recent Chromebooks now run Android apps available on the Google Play store. This combo, along with a few other crucial Chrome OS features (which I’ll dive into in a moment), makes Chromebooks a more compelling proposition than they were just a couple of years back.

What are the advantages of Chromebooks?

One of the main reasons Chromebooks are so appealing is their low price. Whilst luxury versions start at about $500, decent solutions for daily usage may be found for $200 to $300. The Lenovo Chromebook Duet, a favorite model of mine since last year, costs under $300. It’s a two-in-one Chromebook with a removable keyboard cover that can function as both a tablet and a laptop. You may draw as well as write notes on screen using the USI pen support.  You may play Android games by connecting a Bluetooth gaming controller.

You may not be able to play the most recent PC games on a Chromebook however game-streaming services such as Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce are making gaming a possibility. You may also play Android as well as browser-based games. Furthermore, the ubiquity of applications for services like  Hulu, Spotify, Netflix, YouTube, and others means you’ll have an abundance of options.

Furthermore, for the same grounds as to why Chromebooks are beneficial to schools and workplaces, they are also beneficial to families. Everybody in the family may typically have their own Google account, and logging in grants them access to only their private data. Google Family Link may be used to administer children’s accounts. Chromebooks are less likely to get infected with viruses or other malware. If it is not working properly, you may reset it using Chrome’s Powerwash feature, and the system will be clean and new in a matter of minutes.

Google frequently updates the operating system for security as well as adding new functionality of which installing them is simple and straightforward. In reality, Google just unveiled a slew of new features and enhancements to commemorate its tenth anniversary. For Android, there’s even more motivation to get a Chromebook.  A Phone Hub function has been added by Google, making it even easier for the two devices to collaborate.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to updates. Google Chrome devices have an expiration date for auto-updates. Non-Google hardware may only be supported for a limited time before no longer receiving Chrome OS as well as browser upgrades. For devices introduced in 2020, the date is generally 7 to 8 years following the device’s first introduction, however, this is not always applicable. Google has a list of Automatic Updates Expiry dates for all models, which is well worth taking a look at before purchasing a Chromebook.

What am I able to accomplish with a Chromebook?

For many users, the requirement to use Microsoft Office or some other native Windows or Mac applications is a barrier. Although there are web as well as mobile application versions of Office software, not all functionalities are replicated. Prior to the transfer, be sure that all of the tools you require are accessible on the internet or in the applications. Apply the same logic to every program on your list that is crucial. 

Chromebooks, for instance, are not suitable if you require a laptop to run full Adobe Creative Cloud apps like InDesign or Photoshop. Adobe does provide restricted editions of CC applications for Android that are compatible with Chromebooks, therefore you may well be able to just get by depending on what you are doing. Chromebooks, once again to be clear, are not inherently compatible with Windows or Macintosh applications.

Parallels, a software company, today offers Parallels for Chrome Enterprise. It enables the use of full-featured Windows apps. However, it is primarily intended for corporate clients and is not the ideal solution for daily usage.

You may link to other computers that have the Chrome browser running by using a Chromebook via Chrome Remote Desktop. Remote Desktop may be used as an alternative for accessing Mac and Windows software on a Chromebook which only takes a matter of minutes to set up. You may also utilize it to provide technical support, as well as share your computer to allow safe access to your applications and data.

Over the past decade, Chromebooks have greatly evolved and even though not suitable for all clients or needs will typically meet the needs of most laptop buyers today.

Written by HackerVibes

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