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Razer shows off massive Project Sophia desk PC for gaming

CES is the place where concept products meet the world. Razer, the maker of personal gaming computers, introduced a wild concept named Project Sophia.

Do all concept prototypes displayed at CES become actual products? No. But does that stop us from getting excited? Still no! Razer is a master of cooking up wild concepts, and this year, it hasn’t disappointed with Project Sophia for gaming.

Project Sophia features a massive desk that will require lots of square footage to set up. If you have a really spacious apartment, then you can dream on. You still have to consider how the 65 inches display connected to the desk PC will fit into your living space. If you prefer it even bigger, there is also an option for a 77-inch display. Both ultra-thin screens “feature self-lit pixels and the latest technologies to ensure a brighter, sharper picture for the ultimate viewing experience.”

Note that Razer has not actually built this concept and only showed 3D renders, so it doesn’t have to deal with any space constraints.

The idea behind Project Sophia is that you can customize because the gaming desk is modular, allowing you to swap components at will. Razer says you can swap up to 13 modules so that you end up with exactly what you want. “This allows each section to be configured with an array of task-specific components, such as secondary screens, system monitoring tools, touchscreen hotkey panels, pen tablets, and audio mixer units, or even external capture cards.”

The add-ons you can swap out include touchscreen digitizers, wireless charging pads, microphones and cameras, audio modules, etc.

However, Project Sophia is not restricted to gaming, as you can use it for content creation.

Project Sophia depends on an Intel processor and Nvidia GPU. These components are contained inside a compartment fixed on the bottom of the desk, which has a glass top. You can remove this chassis to upgrade. There is also a Chroma lighting feature, which even a large Razer concept cannot escape.

Razer says gamers can “spec out Project Sophia for high-fidelity audio and blistering visual performance by adding a THX Surround Sound system and high refresh rate monitor.” On creators using Project Sophia, Razer says, “When it comes to bringing your designs to life, get the freedom you need to create with a touchscreen digitizer, tablet, and creative input tool to streamline your hotkeys and macros.”

Even streamers, too, can make Project Sophia work for them. “If you’re looking to have total control over your production, then transform Project Sophia into a full broadcast setup complete with camera, microphone, and stream control.”

Lastly, the work-from-home crowd can supercharge their productivity with Project Sophia. “When the occasion calls to be single-minded about the job, multitask efficiently and comfortably with a productivity hotkey module, wireless charger, and cup warmer.” They have access to tools like a digital planner, team communication module, privacy control, and even a beverage warmer for the coffee-loving professionals.

Don’t keep your hopes up for this concept because it will most likely never make it out as a product, but it is something to remember Razer’s presence at CES 2022 with.

Written by HackerVibes

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