Ferrari will use Qualcomm’s automotive tech to make its cars smarter

If you want to get a Ferrari but have been holding back because it is not smart enough, things are about to change. The storied carmaker has announced a partnership with Qualcomm that will improve the overall intelligence of Ferrari-branded automobiles.

With the strategic technology collaboration between the two companies, Qualcomm’s automotive technology will power future Ferraris. The automaker will use the Snapdragon Digital Chassis suite from Qualcomm in running its cars.

However, there are little to no details about what the new tech will do or how it will work. We don’t even know if it will be used in all Ferrari models or not. But Qualcomm has revealed that the Snapdragon Digital Chassis is the umbrella for its automotive solutions which include Snapdragon Ride (for automated and assistive driver technologies), Snapdragon Cockpit (for in-car experiences and SoCs), and Snapdragon Auto Connectivity (for adding LTE, 5G, and Wi-Fi to cars).

In Qualcomm’s announcement, the chipmaker revealed it would collaborate with Ferrari to design, develop, and integrate the digital cockpits in Ferraris. This likely means Qualcomm will provide the hardware that Ferrari’s infotainment systems will be based on.

As part of the agreement, Qualcomm will become a sponsor of the Scuderia Ferrari Formula 1 team.  The chip maker’s logo will grace Ferrari’s F1-75 racing car. Qualcomm will also co-sponsor the Ferrari eSports team.

According to Ferrari’s press release, “The agreement with Qualcomm Technologies will have a strong technological impact aimed at accelerating the digital transformation process for Ferrari and its road cars. Starting from the first common projects already identified, such as the digital cockpit, the two companies will bring together ideas and expertise to explore new opportunities and a range of technological solutions.”

Ferrari is joining a list of automakers that will use Qualcomm’s automotive tech to enhance their cars. Other companies with existing agreements include Volvo, Honda, Renault, and GM.

Qualcomm is still working on its tech, but one day, its chip may come to dominate the auto industry as it does the smartphone market.

“We believe innovation requires market leaders working together,” said Benedetto Vigna, CEO of Ferrari. “Thanks to this agreement with Qualcomm Technologies, we expand our knowledge in digital technologies and web 3.0 areas with great potential for automotive and motorsport. We believe valuable partnerships, and a distinctive Ferrari interpretation, ultimately enhances product excellence.”

“We are excited to see our automotive technology leadership play an integral role in this new strategic relationship with Ferrari,” said Cristiano Amon. “We look forward to helping shape what the future holds as we work together to bring world-class driving experiences to their customers through our Snapdragon Digital Chassis.”

Written by HackerVibes

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