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PS5 vs Xbox Series X

With every latest entry made into both the Xbox series and PlayStation world, fans are relatively looking for new features, updates, and performance leaps that make these new consoles stand out from the present ones. In PS5 and Xbox Series X fans would be able to come around tons of new aspects for each section. 

The stock situation is dire still

Before covering the core aspects of both next-generation consoles such as price, performance, features, controllers, and Ray tracing let’s have a look into the current stock conditions. It has been almost a year but still, the stock is very difficult to come around and fall into the laps of the end-users. Most of it is ravishingly taken up by the scalpers who then sell it at ridiculous prices on the internet. Both PS5 and Xbox Series X are very hard to come by and the most culprit of the reasons for this are;

  • Global Silicon chip shortage driving prices to an insane edge
  • COVID-19 and work from home policy affected manufacturing greatly
  • Resellers and Scammers are to blame for the stock drop
  • Scalpers buy in bulk using bots and squishy algorithms making it harder for the end-user to get their hands on the next-gen console
  • Crypto miners above all are buying GPUs and mining units like crazy thus driving the prices high

A promise made but not fully lived up to, yet

The main attribute which was used in advertising both of these next-gen consoles was making 8K resolution available to the players. The 4K resolution and HDR were kind of already taken care of by the previous consoles such as Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. 

The new promise that was made in terms of introducing a new resolution to the fans by both was the 8K resolution and Ray Tracing (a very popular concept in the emerging game engines and mechanics). This promise has only been delivered in half as only Ray Tracing has been made available by both but neither of these supports the 8K native resolution.  

However, 8K resolution aside the revolution has been made by both consoles in terms of presenting the gamers with Ray Tracing, better frame rate at 4K resolution, and above all a better, smoother, and responsive setup. 

Specifications compared side to side; PS5 vs Xbox Series X

In terms of the specifications, both consoles come neck to neck but eventually, Xbox Series X takes the lead in terms of the graphical processing power containing more teraflops than the PlayStation 5. And this is not the only front where both consoles are at odds with each other. Both consoles have the same set of CPUs powered by AMD but there is a grave difference in terms of the clock speed. 

PS5 has its CPU clocked at 3.5GHz while as for Xbox Series X it is at a ravishing 3.8GHz. The saving grace for PS5 here is the integrated SD storage solution which provides a nice overall boost to the gaming performance and reduces the load times considerably. 8K is sadly not delivered by any of these consoles despite being advertised time and time again by these consoles during the marketing campaigns. However, the 4K resolution at 60Hz is marvelous with some new game titles unlocking the 120Hz at 4K. 

Ray Tracing is definitely something that feels like a next-gen feature for both consoles and also feels like it. You get a really intense gaming session with Ray Tracing turned on, allowing you to totally immerse yourself in-game mechanics and environment. This makes your games come alive and is definitely something to keep in mind when deciding between a new-gen console or something from the old menu of Sony and Microsoft.

Regarding GPU both consoles yet again have the same chip which is AMD RDNA 2 but Xbox Series X has an advantage in terms of the teraflops scaled all the way to 12 teraflops. As for the PS5 it is capped at 10.3 which comes at a cost of reduced GPU performance. The RAM configuration is the same for both which is 16GB GDDR6. In terms of overall performance and specs lineup, Xbox Series X definitely seems to be beating PS5 up but overall both are extremely ravishing in their own way. 

PS5 vs Xbox Series X: Price comparison

PS5 and Xbox Series X cost about $500 for a single unit but the disc-less version also known as the digital version is a little cheaper saving you some money if you are not into buying disc games. As for the prices of the digital versions, PS5 is available at $400 and the Xbox Series S is at $300. You might think that it might be a win for the Xbox but it is truly not. Because at $300 Xbox Series S offers an extremely declining performance in the form of a less powerful GPU, small SSD, cut-out RAM, and others. 

So, if you don’t want to compromise the quality of your gameplay and don’t want to settle for less the PS5 digital version should be your first priority. On the other hand, Xbox Series S is definitely a very tempting element for the budget console gamers out there.   

PS5 vs Xbox Series X: Games and digital content

There is a lot going on with both consoles when it comes to the games and other digital content.  Xbox Series X is of the impression that you would want to indulge in the same titles that you were playing on the Xbox One with improved performance across the board. But PS5 on the other hand comes loaded with a bunch of new exciting titles right from the launch. It is definitely preaching that next-gen console mentality that comes with the next-gen games and digital content rather than fixating on the past. 

Spider-Man Miles Morales along with Astra Playground are the exclusive titles that get shipped with a new PS5 but Xbox Series X didn’t have any titles on launch. Third-party titles on the other hand are available on both platforms such as Cyberpunk 2077, Assassins Creed Valhalla, Call of Duty Cold War, and many others. 

PlayStation Plus subscription is a plus point for PlayStation fans as they can subscribe to the service on monthly basis, download a plethora of new and classic games and enjoy them without having to buy every game individually. Xbox Series X on the other hand seems reluctant on any such offering at the moment.    

PS5 vs Xbox Series X; Design of the console

When it comes to the design of these consoles most people are not that comfortable with how the PS5 looks. Most of it has to do with the overtly bulkier and gigantic design that makes the console stand out in a room rather than being sleek and mysterious as Xbox Series X. PS5 can be placed in both vertical and horizontal configuration thanks to the customized stand that ships with the console. 

But it looks more appealing in vertical configuration than in horizontal placement. The arch-like structure in the middle with RGB lights running in smooth fashion definitely looks next-gen but it is the bulkier appearance that makes this whole thing a bit too much to take for many users out there.

Xbox Series X on the other hand is pretty well designed, having symmetry of a tall box, it manages the space and design dimensions well. It doesn’t look as bulkier as the PS5 and only offers a vertical configuration but it is not as massive as PS5 and that sleekness plus the black color makes it a worthy addition to anyone’s gaming journey. Both of these come with almost the same attributes when it comes to HDMI, USB-C, and Blu-ray Disc drives.  

PS5 vs Xbox Series X; Controller

The new PS5 dual sense controller is where PS5 really shines and coins the definition of next gen. obviously a lot of work and effort is poured into developing a controller from scratch that looks and feels like the next-gen commodity in hands of the gamers. Xbox Series X on the other hand comes with the same old controller that was present in Xbox One with only a few tweaks. Xbox has definitely played it on the safe side instead of going all-in like Sony and developing a truly next-gen experience for the players in terms of the controller. 

PS5 dual sense controller offers better grips for a change from the Dualshock 4, extremely sensitive haptics, and a built-in mic for streaming. None of these were present in the Dualshock 4 which is why it seems to be a big leap shipping with the PS5. The controller is broad enough to fit in your palm and offers a nice reach to all the buttons. The haptic feedback is sensitive to the content of the game such as when you are driving on a patchy road you will get the feel of the drive. 

The same goes for using heavy weaponry in games you are going to feel the resistance develop when you push the trigger. Dual sense controller is innovation through and through something that Xbox could have gone for but chose not to.   

Hardware Specifications

ConsolePlaystation 5Xbox series x
CPU:Custom Zen 2, 8 cores / 16 threads, up to 3.5 GHz Custom Zen 2, 8 cores / 16 threads, up to 3.8 GHz 
Resolution:4K, 120hz refresh rate, 8K Support4K, 120hz refresh rate, 8K Support
GPU:Custom AMD RDNA 2 GPU 36 CUs @ 2.23GHz Custom AMD RDNA 2 GPU 52 CUs @ 1.825GHz 
 Backwards Compatibility:PlayStation 4 Games, PSVRXbox 360, Xbox One, Accessories
Drive type:SSDSSD
Memory size:825 GB512GB / 1TB
Price$500 (PS5); $400 (PS5 Digital Edition)$500

Final thoughts

Both of these consoles have their own metrics and attributes while offering tons of room for improvement in the future. So, coming to terms with PS5 seems to be a more lucrative investment at the time if you truly want to enjoy all the new titles that are being shipped out with the next-gen console and harness the innovation of Sony’s new UI and dual sense controller. 

Xbox Series X can be your choice if you are after the performance as it has stronger hardware and more intense backward compatibility than PS5. At the end of the day, it all comes down to what you want and how you can see yourself enjoying what the future of gaming entails. 

Written by HackerVibes

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