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Meet the Osom OV1, the first smartphone from the team that made the Essential phone

Remember the Essential phone whose manufacturer folded up? You can now get a phone with at least some of the DNA, thanks to another startup.

When Essential went under, some of the employees decided to keep the dream alive by forming another company called Osom. The new startup is now talking publicly about its first phone, the upcoming OV1. It will look familiar to anyone that knew about the Essential phone and compete with other flagships, thanks to its high-end specs.

The OV1 uses a stainless steel and titanium casing with a ceramic back with a Corning Victus cover glass.

The frame uses steel, while Osom put the titanium as accents on the buttons and as a ring around the camera module housed in a bump on the back. The company has admitted that its first phone will be larger than the short-lived Essential phone, which offered a 5.7 inches display with tiny bezels.

Osom is offering the OV1 in white and matte black but has hinted at more color options.

Even the company acknowledges the resemblance between the OV1 and Essential phone. But that may be chalked off as a result of the two phones being made by essentially the same team. The materials are still kind of exotic, even five years after Essential released the phone.

Osom planned to do a full reveal of the phone this week but had to postpone because they wanted to update the processor. This has also affected the shipping date but the phone will now come with a Snapdragon 8 series chipset, although the company won’t offer any more details than this. However, the new chip is likely to be the flagship Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. The smartphone market is quite unforgiving, so coming with an older or less powerful chip can doom the phone and even the company. So, in the long run, the delay is probably the best decision.

Meanwhile, you can expect an all-day battery life, according to the company. It will also get the ultra-wideband tech that other flagships use for doing extras like precision location tracking and digital car keys. The CEO of Osom, Jason Keats, promises that his company is working on interesting extra features that will be announced later.

Keats also revealed that the OV1 has two slots for SIM cards and decided against e-SIMs to avoid being tied to network carriers. According to him, it was a lesson learned the hard way while working on the Essential phone.

Another lesson from the Essential phone was the camera. The OV1 has a noticeable camera bump, something the Essential phone tried to avoid, which ended up robbing it of a flagship camera experience. The OV1 has a pair of cameras, 48 MP and 12 MP. However, this setup is noticeably one lens less than other flagships, although we can’t judge until we take actual photos with the device. The selfie camera is 16 MP. Photography is one of the areas phone makers compete in, so Osom had better come with their best effort.

The OV1 will come well below $1,000, making it competitive in the sea of flagships. However, the cost apparently doesn’t cover a charging brick as it won’t be included in the packaging box.

Written by HackerVibes

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