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Oppo reveals the Find N foldable phone to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold

Another folding phone has entered the market! Oppo has finally released its Find N after brutally teasing the phone last week. This attempt is the first foldable phone from the company.

At a media briefing where the Find N was revealed, the chief product officer of Oppo, Pete Lau, claimed the phone had been in development since 2018, and his company is making it available on the sixth generation.

Looking at the build quality of the Find N, it is hard to doubt Lau. For a first general product, it is highly refined. It is sleek and comfortable to use, whether open or closed. It is easily the best adaptation of folding screens right now.

Image Credit – Oppo

The Find N looks very much like the Samsung Galaxy Z fold, which is not surprising, as Oppo confirmed the South Korean giant made the screen. However, Oppo asserts it had customized it to fit its vision and has a bagful of patents to show for it.

A smaller screen greets you before you open up the phone to an almost square larger screen. The larger screen is OLED and has a punch for the inside-front camera. The Fold N is much pleasant to use when folded as the outer screen is far better than the taller one on the Fold. This usability is due to the 9:8.4 aspect ratio of the 120Hz inner display.

On the outside, the screen measures 5.49 inches diagonally with an aspect ratio of 2:1. As you will expect, folding the Find N doubles its thickness. Save for the larger thickness of the bezel on the left of the outer screen, it passes for an iPhone Mini-like Android flagship phone.

Image Credit – Oppo

The outer screen is only 60Hz, but you will only notice a difference due to the smoother inner screen.

While the Find N’s outer screen is smaller, it is more usable as you can enjoy watching videos without rotating the phone to a horizontal position.

The inner screen is protected by ultra-thin glass, and Oppo reckons you can open and close it 200,000 times without damaging it, which is the same as the Samsung Z Fold. You will find a crease on the Find N too, you can even feel it with your finger, but it is less visible.

To hide the crease, Oppo designed a unique hinge (which the company patented) that cost $100 per piece. It pays, sort of, as you can fold the Find N completely, unlike the Z Fold, which has a noticeable gap.

In terms of specs, the Find N is truly a flagship. Oppo used a Snapdragon 888 processor paired with up to 12GB of RAM and expansive 512GB of storage.

The company imported the main 50 megapixels camera that uses the Sony IMX766 sensor from the OnePlus 9 Pro. In addition, there are 16 megapixels ultrawide and 13 megapixels 2x telephoto.

The power button of the Find N has a fingerprint scanner layered on it.

The Find N’s battery is 4,500mAh in capacity and receives power at the rate of 33W using a SuperVOOC cable. It can also charge wirelessly at roughly half the speed. The phone will charge other devices wirelessly, too, with support for the Qi standard.

Software-wise, Oppo is more restrained. However, it has added gestures that take advantage of the bigger screen, like collapsing the display with four fingers in a smaller window. The company has also tweaked its apps to make better use of the unique screen as Microsoft has done with its own suite of apps on its Surface Duo phone.

The Find N is surprising ‘cheap,’ starting at about $1,200 for the variant with 8GB RAM and 256GB of internal storage. The 12GB RAM and 512GB ROM goes for $1,400. In comparison, the Samsung Z Fold starts at a whopping $1,799 in the US.

Before you rush out your wallet, however, Oppo has only committed to selling the Find N in China, where it will go on sale on December 23rd. If Oppo had not restricted itself geographically, Samsung would be having serious competition. However, nothing says Oppo won’t expand its reach in the future.

Written by HackerVibes

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