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Opera launches crypto-enabled browser for iOS

If you have ever wanted your browser equipped with a crypto wallet, Opera has launched one on iOS.

Opera launched a crypto browser beta in January with the promise to bring Web3 to people just like Web2 websites. The web browser was released for Windows, Mac, and Android platforms, but iOS was missing. Opera said the iOS version was not ready for release then. However, iOS users can now join the crypto party as the browser is now available on the iPhone and iPad.

Opera’s crypto browser comes with a built-in crypto wallet. It supports Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other blockchain systems. You can purchase crypto coins using fiat currency and also trade in the support token without installing extensions.

The browser also lets users make use of Web3-based NFTs and decentralized apps. It supports 7,000 services based on the Polygon ecosystem.

You will get a Crypto Corner that supplies the latest info on cryptocurrencies, including prices, events, airdrops, and even podcasts.

If you already have a crypto wallet, Opera said you could “restore any EVM-compatible wallet (Ethereum Virtual Machine) with the native Opera Wallet, meaning you can integrate your existing assets and balances into your Crypto Browser setup and keep everything in one place, so to speak.

The crypto features are designed for both beginners and veterans. Newbies can easily get help when required to kickoff their cryptocurrency journey.

However, Opera has not revealed if the iOS version of the browser supports Etherium Layer 2 standard, which is more energy-efficient. The Android version already supports the standard, with Opera claiming it was the first mobile browser to do so.

The company said in a blog post, “With more than 25 years of experience building web browsers, Opera is considered among the top privacy and security browsers in the world. The Crypto Browser is dedicated to further improving security on Web3 with features like a native ad and tracker blocker, pop-up blocker, and an intuitive Cookie Dialogue Blocker. Also included is cryptocurrency mining protection, blocking any cryptojacking scripts that could compromise iOS devices (and decrease their performance).

“With plenty more advances and features in the works, Opera’s Crypto Browser represents an important step toward simplifying and streamlining access to Web3. Now, with iOS integration, Opera pushes the envelope even further for hundreds of millions of iOS users worldwide.”

According to Jorgen Arnesen, EVP Mobile at Opera, “The interest in Web3 is continuing to grow. The Opera Crypto Browser Project was built to simplify the Web3 user experience that has often been bewildering for mainstream users. Opera believes Web3 has to be easy to use in order to reach its full potential and a mass adoption.”

Written by HackerVibes

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