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Nintendo reveals when it will release the next Switch console

Nintendo loves to update its gaming hardware, and with the OLED screen’s novelty yet to wear off, the Japanese company has confirmed when its next-generation gaming console will be released!

While addressing investors, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa revealed when to expect the new gaming system by showing its product timeline in a slide. The year is 20XX!

If you wonder what the XX in 20XX stands for, rest assured we are perplexed, too, because Nintendo is cagey. But we can all draw comfort from the fact that Nintendo intends to release the new gaming machine inside this decade.

Nintendo isn’t even talking about what the hardware will look like yet, as it had placed a question mark where the image of the future product should have been.

However, while you continue to enjoy the current iteration of the Nintendo Switch, the company is committed to growing its business, saying:

“Nintendo plans to continue to expand its business around the core concept of creating unique integrated hardware-software products. We seek a virtuous cycle with our integrated hardware-software business and the provision of services and content based on Nintendo Accounts, in which touchpoints are created with ever more consumers and strengthened to establish long-term, mutually positive relationships.”

In other words, Nintendo will make more games for you to play, so you do not notice the passage of time until the new gaming system is ready.

But of course, we notice where Nintendo could improve on its wildly popular gaming system. For instance, the hardware should be updated to support 4K games when it eventually arrives in 20XX. There were talks of Nintendo developing hardware that supported 4K and could be released this year, but the company refuted the rumor.

The omission has not stopped fans from snapping up the OLED Switch, but it would be nice to have the feature next year (yes, the release could be next year as it conforms with 20XX).

Even though the release year is a closely held secret, we know Nintendo is working on the new Switch. However, the company is working on much more, with its focus on creating value-added services for owners of Nintendo accounts. With the blue part of Nintendo president’s slide moving in an upward direction from now to the year 20XX, we know Nintendo is increasing its effort in that regard.

Just like Apple services have grown into a huge portion of the Cupertino-based company’s total revenue, Nintendo could make more money from its value-added offerings too.

Nintendo has started tugging at our wallets with the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, designed to make us pay more than Nintendo’s online membership fee. But of course, the pack comes with extra goodies like 64 games extra, access to Sega Genesis games, and even access to the new installment of Animal Crossing.

However, Nintendo is improving and expanding the regular Nintendo Switch and the Expansion Pack offerings, although we don’t know how yet. But many Switch players would like to gain Game Boy games, as it has been rumored.

The last proper update to the Switch was five years ago, as the OLED Switch is not in the league of real successors due to having no internal hardware upgrade. In the world of gaming consoles, that is a long time in between updates. Nintendo knows what this means, as it is competing with the likes of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

The Switch might be popular, but gamers always want new toys, so Nintendo should do everything to avoid delaying the game till 2099.

When Nintendo finally releases the new Switch in 20XX, you can bet we will be the first to report it. However, we will bring you all the rumors and leak about the popular gaming system between now and then.


Written by HackerVibes

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