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Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video

Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video: which one you should be opting for in 2021 and beyond

The way we consume entertainment has been changed massively with the availability of various streaming services out there. To name a few we have Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, and many more. Some of these are very recent, such as the Disney+ service while some of them have been around for a long time such as Netflix. But when it comes to the popularity of these streaming services Netflix and Amazon Prime video takes the lead. 

The streaming craze is on the rise

According to research conducted more than half of households in the UK are connected with some sort of streaming service while the rest of them are either with TV cable or not signed up with any altogether. Due to the massive surge in Covid-19 and people being stranded in their houses due to the lockdown imposed because of this pandemic many were forced into subscribing to a streaming service to pass the time. It is either Netflix or Amazon Prime Video usually but other streaming services are as current and popular depending on the taste of the people or the mood that takes them. 

Netflix has seen quite an increase in recent subscriptions because of Covid-19 and as online shopping became the mainstream element in the last year or so Amazon started offering Amazon Prime Video to the prime members of the e-commerce platform. So, it can be said that both are the streaming leaders of the globe comparing a lot of different aspects of both, in fact, to make it more apparent and easier for you to choose from either of these here is a brief comparison of both on various fronts;

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video: Pricing structure and value offered

Netflix provides you with three static plans, you have got the basic one for $8.99, the Standard plan for $13.99, and the Ultra HD content for $17.99 on a monthly basis. If you are on a budget then you would go for the basic account however it is not recommended as it lacks HD streaming. Next up the Standard plan is pretty neat offering HD streaming and finally, the premium one takes you all the way to Ultra HD. 

What selection you choose to go with is entirely up to your budget, streaming needs, and streaming quality preference. A lot of content is available for you to stream at 4K, mostly Netflix originals fall in this category but necessarily not all the titles can be streamed in 4K.  

As for the Amazon Prime Video offers a single somewhat rigid pricing plan capped at $12.99 but there is this great discount that you can get provided you pay for a whole year. There is another way to get your hands on Amazon Prime Video and that is through becoming a prime member of the Amazon e-commerce station. There are other exclusive benefits that are later shipped to you with your Amazon Prime Video subscription depending on the overall purchases you make and how devoted a customer you are.      

There is one great difference when it comes to content streaming with Amazon Prime Video. You get all these tags such as 4K, HDR, and UHD written on movies and series that are available in the said tiers, unlike Netflix. But not a whole lot of content is present on Amazon Prime Video, to begin with, there are some great originals and some other movies but pretty much every other thing needs to be rented or bought before streaming. 

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video: User experience with the app

The app experience is kind of a tie with both services improving it as they go about it. There are tons of improvements being shipped on both sides, both parties react and pay solid attention to the customer feedback, and implement the changes accordingly. Netflix has introduced a lot of floozy stuff a while ago such as being able to watch shows at different playback speeds, having a hint of what’s coming next or about to be released onto the platform in the coming soon section. 

Amazon Prime Video app on the other hand looks a bit like a renovated retro app store with not much going around. It surely covers the ground elements as with the Netflix app including the recently watched section, listing the genres of the movies and TV series and solid control options when it comes to the video player. But a lot of what you see within the app is to be rented or paid by you before you can get your eyes on it as for Netflix anything that you see within the app can be streamed right there and then. 

So, it seems to be a clear win for the team red. The only saving grace from the Amazon Prime Video app is the customization of the subtitles into different layouts, orientations, and font sizes. Netflix also offers brief customization of the subtitles for the user but it is only that, brief and not detailed like Amazon Prime Video.  

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video: available content

When it comes to the content Netflix hands down is far ahead of Amazon Prime Video. There are literally multiple additions done on a daily basis and with the originals pouring down like rain from above there is just a huge volume of content for you to stream. In fact, it can be said that there is something for everyone. Not liking a particular movie or TV series, skip it and immerse yourself into the Netflix Originals. This is not the volume of the content that is being graded here but the quality and fineness of the content too, Netflix scored handsomely in this section too. 

Anyhow to give Amazon Prime Video some credit it is fairly recent as compared to Netflix that has been around for some time now. Amazon Prime Video is also shipping its own originals and whatnot and some of them are absolute hits too but it still requires a lot of time, originals, and exclusive content to face Netflix in the content arena. 

However, in all fairness 2021 has not been that extraordinary regarding the original releases of Netflix as a lot of these movies and TV shows were in limbo because of the Pandemic and the streaming giant has only had the opportunity to resume working on these titles. 

As for Amazon Prime Video, it was able to ship a lot of content in 2021 despite the lingering timeframes and Pandemic being a hard critic to avoid. The competition is severe in the US as there are many other streaming services in action now such as HBO Max and Disney+ but it wouldn’t be fair to say that Netflix is not leading the front column here.    

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video: what does the future hold?

What does the future hold can only be predicted and not known with point-blank surety. But when it comes to the future of streaming it is definitely bright unless some new technology or out of this world system that we haven’t heard before take its place like VR movies or something, that would be awkward. 

All kidding aside both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have a lot of promise when it comes to future endeavors, the studios are getting better, the budgets are getting bigger and there are more releases in planning and in execution on both sides making this a worthy competition for both. 

Many new TV series are in the works for Amazon Prime Video that will be originals and some of them will be the continuation of the previous seasons, the same is true for Netflix as the streaming service is bringing continuation of many hit TV shows. As for the movie’s side of things, a bunch of new projects are being stirred up on both sides. 

A proposed resolution for Netflix would be to add more exclusive movies to the platform and make them stick for a while before they leave. As for Amazon Prime Video, the service should dial down on the movies and TV series that viewers have to rent or pay for in advance before they can stream it. 

This only feels odd that you click on a movie and it asks you for rent, if Amazon Prime Video wishes to stick with this strategy then this could be projected in a totally different section such as content available for rent or something like that. Anything and everything on the browsing page of the service should be absolutely free for the viewers to engage with just like with Netflix.

Final Thoughts

Bringing this comparison to a close the winner would have to be Netflix because it is so upbeat with a lot of things that are taking place with the platform may it be price, content, or app experience. But it doesn’t mean that Amazon Prime Video shouldn’t be something that you run from, if you can afford then you should try both and you will be surprised with the overall diversity that you can find on both places.       

Written by HackerVibes

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