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Here are the best documentaries on Netflix

Netflix is fast emerging as the one-stop-shop for entertainment as the world becomes more digital. It boasts lots of shows and has something for everyone. For documentary lovers, the choices are endless, and it could be overwhelming to pick what to watch, from crime to sports to history.

Here, we have rounded up the best documentaries available on Netflix, and it includes as many categories as possible as we are aware of the diverse tastes of our readers.

Sophie: A Murder in West Cork

Many people wonder what happened to the French Artiste and TV producer Sophie Toscan Du Plantier, who got killed in 1996. Follow the decades-long case of the murder that took place in West Cork, Ireland, in this true-life documentary on Netflix.

The Last Dance

Fans of the Chicago Bulls will enjoy strolling down memory lane with this documentary that explores the club’s 97-98 season. While much of the focus is on the famous Michael Jordan, the documentary delivers for fans who want to relive the club’s triumphs.

Wild Wild Country

Wild Wild Country is a fascinating documentary that examines the attempt of Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajnees to start a large commune in the United States. This story about what is basically a sex cult will take you to places you never imagined in the US.

Tiger King (Season 2)

This entry is for animal lovers, particularly fans of the big cats. The first season enjoyed wide acceptance as it became a hit, and you can expect more in this second season. Follow what goes on behind the scene of tiger breeding, which surprisingly is a lot. The intrigues from the unforgettable and calculating cast will take you to unexpected places and keep you glued to your device.

The Keepers

This is another crime documentary on Netflix that follows the unsolved murder of a nun, Catherine Cesnik. She was a nun teaching at a Baltimore Catholic school before her demise. The compelling story spans multiple generations and could uncover attempted cover-up of sex abuse allegations. The producers have tried to be respectful of the victim’s family, but you will still be able to feel at the center of the story.

The River Runner

This is a sports documentary that follows the life of kayaking icon Scott Lindgren. Rising to the top in any sport is not easy, and you will see how Lindgren overcame many odds to get to his position as one of the greatest ever to grab a paddle. The sportsman presents an intriguing and inspiring story as he struggles with a tumor in the brain and other personal issues. It is a must-watch, even if you are not a big fan of kayaking.

Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions Scandal

This documentary focuses on the admission scandal that ensnared lots of celebrities who tried to get their offspring into colleges using illegal means. The scandal, which saw actress Felicity Huffman going to jail, is directed by Chris Smith, who was on the ill-fated Fyre Festival documentary. He presents one of the best looks into the ensuing FBI investigation into the scandal.

Knock Down the House

Are you fascinated by Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Regardless of whether you agree with her politics or not, follow her progress in the public service as she embraced her underdog status during her 2018 congressional primary campaigns. It makes for an inspiring story that shows you can overcome obstacles to reach your goals.

American Murder: The Family Next Door

If you need a reminder that domestic violence is prevalent even at this age, you need to watch this documentary of how Chris Watts killed his wife and children. This story is compelling because the producers chose to employ text messages and social media posts to piece together what happened to the family.


Every now and then, there is a drugs scandal in the sporting world as athletes cannot resist the lure of performance-enhancing substances to gain an edge over the other competitors. Icarus lets you follow director Bryan Fogel into a world of cheating where geopolitics and conspiracies collide. Be prepared to have your view of sports changed forever after this documentary.

The Raincoat Killer

Serial killers exist everywhere, and this documentary gives you the chance to follow the story of a brutal repeat murderer in South Korea. There is no attempt to dramatize the story, so you will get only the true fact of the murderer who had the Asian nation on edge.

Written by HackerVibes

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