Netflix doesn’t want you to know about this secret method of finding Christmas movies!

It is the season for Christmas movies again, and many people will flock to Netflix to find new ones or re-watch their favorites. However, due to the endless list of content on the number one streaming platform, it could be tedious scrolling through Netflix to locate a Christmas movie you might be interested in. Netflix will rank the content it thinks you would like based on your profile, and it could get it wrong.

You don’t have to go through all that to find an interesting Christmas movie on Netflix. There is a nice trick that will filter out what you don’t want, and in this article, we will show you the trick!

Netflix codes

Netflix might not popularize it, but the company uses a system of codes to group its movies. The codes correspond to the genres, which the platform’s algorithm uses to serve up recommendations. The trick is to use the Netflix codes to go to the content that you want directly.

The codes are pretty extensive, as they apply to sub-genres too. Many people do not know about the existence of these codes because they work only in the browser. But that does not stop you from using them. In fact, using the codes is very easy and works both on your phone and computer.

Netflix has lots of employees that watch and classify movies. But they are assisted by algorithms, so you can be sure they are accurate.

Now that you know about Netflix codes, where can you find them?

Where do you find Netflix codes?

Like it has been stated before, the code can only be found online, meaning you can’t access them through any of Netflix’s apps. You will have to open your browser on your phone, tablet, or computer to find the code.

Navigate to, and you will be presented with Netflix codes! The complete list of the main categories contains about 20 entries, including classic movies, foreign movies, action & adventure, anime, etc. Most of these main categories have their own codes.

Under each major category, you will find sub-categories. For example, the action & adventure category has sub-categories like action comedies, action thrillers, hijacking movies, westerns, etc. The classic movies category has epics, film noir, silent movies, etc.

Now that you know where to find Netflix codes, how can you use them to find Christmas movies this holiday period?

How to find Christmas movies with Netflix codes

This process is very easy. There are two methods to search with Netflix codes.

Method 1

The first step is to install the Better Browse for Netflix extension in your browser to use the first method. You can install this extension whether you are using Chrome or the latest Edge browser on your laptop or desktop computer. You can also install the extension of your mobile Chrome browser.

Then log in to your Netflix account in a new tab. You will notice a new option at the top of the page, which says Browse All. Click on it to search manually or browse through the list of sub-genres.

Method 2

Go to in your browser, whether on your computer or mobile device. This method works on your phone or tablet too. Locate the Netflix genre you want, i.e., Christmas.

Under Christmas, you will see the list of sub-genre. The Netflix code for each sub-genre is shown before the name of the sub-genre. The code is actually a link, which you will see highlighted and underlined.

Tap the sub-genre Netflix code you want and see the magic happen. If the Netflix app is installed on your device, the app will automatically open up, and you will be taken straight to the movies under the sub-category!

If you don’t have the Netflix app, a new tab will be opened in your browser, and you will see all the Christmas movies in that sub-category listed. You can then tap on the movie you want.

Alternatively, you can type the complete URL in your browser’s address bar to navigate to the sub-category. The URL will look like this:

Remember to replace SUB-CATEGORY-CODE with the actual code of the Christmas sub-genre Netflix code.

The Christmas category has more than a dozen sub-categories like family-friendly Christmas films, romantic Christmas films, British Christmas children & family films, etc.

Written by HackerVibes

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