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Tesla to stop bundling mobile connectors with its new cars

Right before our eyes, Tesla is going all Apple. The EV maker will stop including mobile connectors with its new cars.

Tesla cars used to come with a mobile connector when bought new. This connector allowed the car owners to charge using the standard 110v household outlets. However, as announced by the CEO, Elon Musk of Twitter, new buyers will no longer get the free connector again. They will have to purchase it separately if needed. The Level 1 will now cost a lower $200.

Musk mentioned the changes were made due to usage statistics. The company found that Tesla owners hardly used them, and it amounts to a waste of money to include the mobile charger.

A Twitter user @Tesla_Adri had earlier discovered through Tesla’s support page that the mobile charger would no longer be bundled with the car. Previously, the charger was listed as an accessory.

Musk then tweeted a confirmation. He promised to increase the number of plug adapters with the mobile connector, although he didn’t mention which adapters would be added.

The CEO then added an update that the mobile connector price would be reduced to $200, based on user feedback. Musk also promised to make including the mobile charger when ordering a car on the company’s website easier. He pointed out that it was better for users to install a wall charger before the car arrived.

However, the price of the connector on the website has not changed as it is still listed as $275. The item is also listed as out of stock even for people that want to buy it. Both Gen 1 and Gen 2 of the charger are affected.

However, with Tesla stopping to bundle the mobile charger with the car, stock may be freed up for purchase on the website. It is not even clear whether Tesla was experiencing mobile charger supply issues.

Tesla has been increasing the prices of its cars recently globally, and the company is likely grabbing every opportunity to cut costs.

Meanwhile, the decision to stop bundling mobile chargers has caused mixed reactions. Granted, the connector is not an essential item as most drivers prefer to use faster Level 2 or Level 3 chargers. However, some drivers have said always having it handy is good as it means they can charge their cars anywhere. For example, campers at remote locations with EV chargers would appreciate the opportunity to top up their battery using the mobile charger. All they needed to do was find an outlet.

Some users have said they won’t miss the mobile charger, which they rarely use because of its slow charging speed. Getting three miles after an hour of charging makes no difference to them.

Other EV makers like Nissan, Ford, and BMW supply mobile chargers with their cars. However, the new Kia EV6 doesn’t include a mobile connector.

Apple famously discontinued bundling chargers with its new phones in 2020, and other popular makers promptly followed suit, including Samsung and Google. The Cupertino-based company claimed not including chargers would help the environment. Whether other EV makers will follow Tesla’s lead is yet to be seen.

Written by HackerVibes

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