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Come 2022, the Movano Ring will monitor your health from your finger

Rings as ornaments have been as old as humanity. However, a new kind of ring is coming that will do much more than beautify your extremities. The Movano ring, from the company named Movano, will come with sensors that can track metrics associated with chronic illnesses.

The wonder ring will track heart rate, heart rate variability, blood oxygen levels, temperature, sleep, respiration, steps, and even the calories you burn. However, the Movano Ring isn’t going to just throw the figures at you as it will interpret the information and present it to you in a very understandable way. For instance, the ring will tell you how to mitigate chronic disease risks. It will even advise how your sleeping patterns have been affected by your exercise sessions or lack of them.

Movano isn’t the first wearable to pronounce health monitoring. For example, there has been the Oura Ring, Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Microsoft’s defunct Band. They all use metrics from your daily activities to let you know how you are doing health-wise.

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However, Movano is planning to do things differently. One way it is trying to differentiate is how it presents the data. While other fitness trackers show overwhelming data, Movano gives you easily digestible info.

Apart from data presentation, Movano is banking on looks to stand out. You will like to wear this ring because it is not ugly or geeky. The CEO, John Mastrototaro, explains that the design was targeted at women in particular. He points out that other fitness trackers are often designed for men, including style and size. Even fitness rings tend to be larger. However, Movano made a conscious decision to create for women.

To get down to the sizes that work for women generally, Movano had to miniaturize all the sensors, something other manufacturers would rather avoid. The result is a sleek ring that looks good on many fingers.

Mastrototaro admits the first version of the Movano Ring won’t have FDA approval, something other wearable brands would rather gloss over. However, the company is working to achieve Class II designation. It is conducting clinical trials for the tech it wants to use to monitor glucose level, cuffless blood pressure, etc. Movano is also working to receive FDA’s approval for its heart rate, respiratory rate, and Spo2 monitoring.

For context, it is challenging to monitor glucose non-invasively and cuffless blood pressure, making it a big if Movano nails them. Other well-known brands are still working on bringing them to their relatively large smartwatch. So, Movano squeezing the tech into its ring would make waves.

Also, while Movano is targeting FDA approval on its fitness ring, the fact is that the clearance is tough to get, with even well-known brands waiting years to get it for their products. For instance, it took Withings almost two years to get the FDA to approve the ScanWatch it premiered at CES 2020. It even has products that were announced before the ScanWatch that is still awaiting approval.

It is therefore appropriate that Movano is prioritizing getting FDA approval early on. That’s not surprising, given that the CEO has had a long history of making medical devices. Mastrototaro is responsible for the first continuous glucose monitor. But he also points out the experience his team members, too, have. He believes their backgrounds will help them in getting FDA approvals faster.

If you want to own a Movano Ring, the device is coming in the second half of 2022, and you will be buying a beta product. However, you would be contributing to the further development of the product.

Prices are not yet known, but Mastrototaro promises the ring will be among the most affordable on the market. “We’re aiming for both a medical and consumer focus — the intersection of these two fields as opposed to one or the other. We want to have the look, feel, and affordability of a consumer device with the accuracy and reliability of a medical device.” Precisely what that means is yet to be seen. Moreover, the product must become real first, a bar that many other companies have failed to scale.

Source: The Verge

Written by HackerVibes

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