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Microsoft officially unveils new Outlook email app after leaks

Microsoft has released the beta for its new Outlook for Windows, following leaks of the screenshots and a build of the application. The desktop email client now looks like the web version.

The new client has more new updates than just the new look. For example, the app now integrates with Loop, a Microsoft collaborating system that features polls, task lists, etc., in the Office ecosystem. Loop components “can be copied and pasted across Outlook emails and Teams chats, and they always stay in sync so everyone can stay up to date wherever and whenever they work.”

Microsoft has also added a new method for attaching files; for documents stored in the cloud, simply type “@” and the name of the files you are searching for. Matching files will show up as a list, which you can select from to attach to your email.

Some calendar and to-do features are coming with this update as well. For example, you can pin emails at the top in your inbox to be reminded of any action you need to take on them, just like you can on the web client. You can also simply drag an email into a panel to add them as a to-do item or as a calendar event. There is room for you to view your updated calendar immediately, showing your task list, notes, and other information.

Microsoft has also shipped with the new Outlook client with intelligence assistance to help you track what is important. You will get automatic reminders on a missed message and be asked if you have to respond. The reminder will stay at the top of your inbox until you dismiss it.

The new client also takes into account the hybrid work environment employees work in. Microsoft said their data suggest physical spaces are still important for workers and managers for collaboration and coordination. Hence, the new client has a new Outlook RVSP feature that lets you share how you will attend a meeting, either in-person or virtual.

Microsoft is letting you keep your inbox tidy, just as you like it, with a new feature known as Sweep. This allows you to move emails in batches and create rules to deal with incoming emails. For example, you can delete all messages from a particular sender. You can also set rules to keep the latest promotional message from a particular source.

According to Margie Clinton, Group Product Manager for the Outlook team, “we are taking our next step by sharing a preview of the new Outlook for Windows, designed to bring consistency across our Windows and web codebases to help you be more productive and stay in control of your inbox. This version has new intelligent features like message reminders and a new calendar board that puts your email, calendar, and To Do in the same view. In addition, with Microsoft Loop components, you can collaborate across Outlook and Teams while staying in the flow.”

You can try out the new Outlook client if you have a commercial or educational Microsoft account. You have to sign up to be an Office Insider and enroll in the Beta Channel. Update your Outlook client to the latest version, and you will see a toggle that will allow you to switch to the latest one.

Written by HackerVibes

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